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Surmise SpeedPro XT (Qt-32 oz)
Surmise SpeedPro XT (Qt-32 oz)
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Surmise SpeedPro XT (Gallon-128 oz)
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Product Information

Prime Source's Sumise Speedpro XT is a weed killer that offers quick knockdown and superb non-selective control of annual and perennial weeds – broadleaf, grass, and sedges.

As an alternative to glyphosate herbicides, Surmise SpeedPro XT is an excellent choice to achieving speed-of control, a lower usage rate per acre, and excellent systemic control – an ideal solution for weed management along driveways, parking lots, right-of-way areas, fence rows, and a variety of other non-crop areas.

Sumise Speedpro XT offers three active ingredients for broad-spectrum, fast, and long-lasting knockdown and control. As a non-selective herbicide, just spray undesirable weeds and prevent contact with desirable plants.

List of Active Ingredients and Functions

How To Apply Sumise Speedpro XT

  • Hand-Held Equipment-Using a sprayer, saturate foliage and stems. Use a low-pressure spray to avoid contact with desirable vegetation. Apply with uniform coverage. Backpack, pup-up, and hydraulic sprayers may be used.
  • Use directed spray equipment to just spray unwanted weeds
  • Spray as a spot treatment to direct Sumrise Speedpro to undesirable vegetation on a spray-to-wet basis, and avoid runoffs. Do not spray during windy days.
  • Use a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre with spray pressures no greater than are required to obtain adequate plant coverage
  • 18.74 - 37.5 fluid ounces per acre depending upon the weed and stage of growth.

Amount of this product added to water to make 1, 10, or 25 gallons of spray solution at dosages of 2.5 to 5.0%.

% solution 1 gallon 10 gallons 25 gallons
2.5 3.25 oz 1 qt 2.5 qts
5.0 6.4 oz 2 qts 5 qts

Rates for Postemergence Weed Control

Weed Size and Stage Spot / Directed Spray Application
(% solution)
Broadcast Applications
(Fl. Oz.)
Weeds < 6 inches in height, pre-tiller grasses 2.5 18.75
Weeds > 6 inches in height and / or grasses that have
5.0 37.5
Packaging Qt and Gallon
Product Label Label
More PDF's Sales Sheet
Target Pest
  • Broadleaf weeds, annual and perennial grasses and sedges.
  • See label for a complete list
Active Ingredient (s) Glufosinate-ammonium - 10.0% Ammonium-nonanoate - 11.08% Imazethapyr-ammonium - 3.18%
For Use :

Driveways, patios, sidewalks, paved areas, industrial areas, playgrounds, mulch areas, and other non-crop sites.

Yield 18.74 - 37.5 fluid ounces per acre depending upon the weed and stage of growth.
Mixture|Application If using a directed spray equipment, use a shielded sprayer to prevent spray contact on desirable plants.
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions Do not use Surmise SpeedPro XT on desirable foliage or young plants, fruit or vegetable plants, in lawns or for lawn renovations, or in areas that will be planted or seeded within three months.

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