Tebuthiuron 80WG (Spike 80DF)

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Tebuthiuron 80WG (4lb)
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Tebuthiuron 80WG (25lb)
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Product Information

Tebuthiuron 80WG (Spike 80DF)

Tebuthiuron 80WG with 80.0% Tebuthiuron has the same active ingredient and percentage as Dow's Spike 80 DF. As a specialty herbicide, it works as both a preemergent and postemergent applications for total control of brush and weeds, woody plant species. The tebuthiuron 80 WG is a non-selective, total vegetation control in non-crop areas such as rangeland, permanent pastures, fencerows, and clearings for wildlife habitats (not for residential use). It will control annual grasses, perennial broadleafs and broadleaf woody plants. Tebuthiuron 80WG offers long term control on such tough woody plants and shrubs as sage, oakes, kudzu,  creosote bush, mulitflora rose and more.

  • Long-lasting control of a wide range of brush and woody plants
  • Excellent choice for bareground area/utility station weed control.
  • Convenient granular formulation easy to mix and handle
  • Non-selective control with long-term results and value
  • Ideal for sagebrush thinning and brush sculpting programs.

Broadcast Treatments with Tebuthiuron 80WG

Generally, Tebuthiuron 80WG is tolerant to warm-season grasses, but may exhibit injury after application. Cool season perennial grasses are not tolerant to broadcast treatments unless the rate is less than 0.5lb of active ingredient. Use a spray volume of 5 or more gallons of water per acre; applied when plants are actively growing with initial rainfall.

Banded Treatments with Tebuthiuron 80 WG

As a banded treatment, the results are confined to the treated bands. Keep the treated band as narrow as possible to minimize the effects on other herbaceous plants.


Sufficient rainfall is necessary for the active ingredient to move to the root zone. The targeted weeds and plants will exhibit leaf chlorosis followed by browning before it dies. Woody plants will most likely go through several defoliation cycles (usually after a lot of rainfall) before death occurs. Lack of rainfall will delay results. For best results following application, do not disturb the treated plants for two years.


  • Avoid applying Tebuthiruon 80WG in the area of desirable plants.
  • See label for complete directions.


Product Label Label
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Target Pest
  • Big Sagebrush
  • Sand Sage
  • Creosotebush
  • Post Oak
  • Sand Shinnery Oak
  • Running Live Oak
  • Blackjack Oak
  • Blackberry
  • See label for complete list
Active Ingredient (s) Tebuthiuron 80.0%
For Use : N/A
Yield 1.25 - 5 Lbs maximum per acre depends on site (See Label for details)
Mixture|Application N/A
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