Victor Rat Trap Pro - M326

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Victor Rat Trap Pro - M326
Victor Rat Trap Pro - M326
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Victor Holdfast Rat Snap Traps M326: The enhanced version of the standard snap trap with an expanded bait pedal makes trapping easier to set and more sensitive than the metal trigger.

Packaging: singles (minimum of 6 traps to purchase) and case
(12 per case)


  1. Bell Labs Provoke Rat Attractant- 8 oz.
  2. +
  3.  Trapper Rat Glue Traps (5 sets)
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  5. Flatline Soft Bait
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  7. ShuBee Black Gauntlet Silver Edition Black Nitrile Gloves
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  • This item: Victor Rat Trap Pro - M326 $3.18
  • Provoke Rat Attractant $21.50
  • Trapper Rat Glue Traps (5 sets) $19.99
  • Flatline Soft Bait ( 4 Ib bag) $34.30
  • Black Nitrile 5 Mil Gloves Large Size (5 Pairs) $5.50

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
The Victor Rat Trap M326 is the same trap your Dad used, but it has an extended trigger. On hard services it will pay you to use the Hercules Putty to help hold this Victor Rat Trap in one place. You can also mix some Provoke Rat Attractant with the putty and put it on the trip plate. This helps prevent the rodent from removing the lure without setting off snap of this trap.

Product Information

Victor Holdfast Rat Trap M326-Professonal

These expanded, plastic triggers on the mice or rat snap trap is a lot more sensitive than the normal metal trigger style.

How To Set Out Victor's Pro Trap

Place traps on a hard surface, perpendicular to a wall so that the trigger end is toward the wall.

Traps should be set in areas where there is high activity such as fresh droppings, gnawings, rub marks, burrows, or urine stains.

When trapping, whether you use glue traps, snap traps or live traps, the key is to be persistent and aggressive with the trapping. You may need more traps than you think is warranted .

Rats are often shy of new objects and placing unset traps in a new location for a week or two will increase the opportunities of catching. This will acclimate the rats to the traps, once acclimated, set enough traps to kill the a large percentage of the population before the rodents become "trap shy." This is called mass trapping, trapping them at a higher rate than they can repopulate and become shy of the trap.

There may be a need to have as many as 2-3 dozen rat traps set in place in a commercial establishment, in an infested trash room for example. By having these traps baited with a Rat/Squirrel lure or peanut butter unset, a large population would be use to feeding on around the traps. When the traps are then simultaneously set after a while of this "feeding", a large kill can be obtained.

The spring on the rat snap trap is very strong,(it could break a finger) so keep it out of reach of your pets and small children.

Equipped with a setting control which allows you to use a soft or sensitive set,"s" for normal, stable surfaces and a firmer setting,"f", on surfaces that may vibrate( machinery for example) ,where they could prematurely set off the trap.

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Target Pest These traps are designed for rats

Tricky Rat ?

What about a "tricky rat"?

Some rats can be trap shy. They are shy of new objects and placing unset traps in a new location for a few days will increase the catch. Camouflaging the trap in a shallow pan of grain or sawdust could hide it. Place the bait in a few small placements on the top surface without setting the trap. When the rats start taking the bait, set the trap, leaving only one bait placement in the set trap. Rat traps should not be relocated once a good location is found as this will set up a new obect reaction. Mice are naturally curious so frequent trap relocations will attract their interest.

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Product Videos

Rat Traps (Trapper T-Rex vs Victor Snap Traps)
Rat Trap/Bait Placement
How to Trap Rats and Mice with Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps and Glueboards

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