WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait (Multi Animal)

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WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait ( 4 oz )
WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait ( 4 oz )
WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait (8 oz)
WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait (8 oz)
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WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait ( 128 oz Gal )
WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait ( 128 oz Gal )
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Trying to catch that raccoon and not the neighbors cat? This is the bait you want. It's irresistible to a raccoon. Ask any raccoon you see. He'll tell you.

Product Information

WCS TreeBerry Paste Bait

This sweet smelling paste bait is great for luring racoons, opossums, skunks, and armadillos to your set trap. The Treeberry Paste Bait has a proprietary blend of sweet ripened fruit with bush berries. Raccoons and Skunks love this lure !

Simply place the Treeberry Raccoon and Skunk Paste Bait on something that will hold the paste such as a cracker, piece of bread or marshmallow. Place it on the back of the trap, forcing the animal to step on the trip pan.

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Target Pest Raccoon, opossum, skunk, armadillo
Active Ingredient (s) no chemicals, blend of sweetened fruits with Treeberry
For Use : For luring Raccoon, Skunk, Armadillo, Opossum to set traps.
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