Thiophanate-methyl (TM)


Thiophanate-methyl (TM)

Thiophanate-methyl (Benzimidazole) is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide that is absorbed by the roots and leaves of the treated plants. It has both protective and curative action. It is classified as group I fungicide. Since it targets a broad spectrum of diseases and plants, it has been used widely since 1973. It is recommended to alternate fungicides or tank mix this fungicide with other types of fungicides with different modes of action.


How Thiophanate-methyl Works - Mode Of Action

Thiophanate-methyl forms a protective barrier on plants and permeates the plant and moves upward in the plant's xylem. It has protective activity which includes new growth and it has a good curative activity.


How Thiophanate-methyl Works -Various Uses

It is used on vine, tree, and root crops, as well as wheat and canola. Homeowners use it on lawns and ornamentals.

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