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Say goodbye to unwanted guests in your home with our top-of-the-line rat control products. Our expertly formulated rat killing products not only eliminate the problem quickly but also offer long-lasting protection. Don't let rodents rule your space; take charge with DIY Pest Control and experience immediate, effective results. Easy to use, fast-acting, and proven—our rat traps, rat baits, and rat birth control are the ultimate weapon against pesky invaders. Shop rodent control products today!

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Rat Trapping Tips

  • One advantage of trapping is easy verification that the rat is actually captured.
  • The key to success when trapping is being aggressive and placing several rat traps where the rats are active.
  • To lure the rat to the trap, use an attractant such as Provoke Rat Attractant by placing it on the trap.

Rat Baiting Tips

  • Place rat bait in tamper resistant rat bait stations throughout the rat infested area, spacing 30 to 60 feet apart.
  • The EPA requires that bait be placed in tamper resistant bait stations to protect people and unintended animals from accidentally eating the bait.
  • Rats continue their normal activity until the bait takes affect, so it is not possible to determine where it will die.
  • Bait is like food to rats so they seek it.

Rat Birth Control Tips

  • Place ContraPest compatible bait stations where rats are known to be feeding (i.e., dumpsters, animal feed, loose trash, etc.)
  • ContraPest is a liquid formulation that is high in fat and tastes sweet, the preferred flavor for rats.
  • Utilize areas where previous baiting has been successful and keep bait stations at least 30 ft away from lethal methods.
  • Add a second ContraPest bait Station if 50% or more has been consumed to ensure a constant supply.
  • If consumption is low or ceases, try relocating the bait station.
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