Fly Light Traps


Why Use Fly Lights?

Electronic fly traps are extremely effective for controlling the large fly populations often found at restaurants and other commercial establishments. There are fly lights designed specifically for any type of environment from commercial to residential, inside and outside use. Some traps work as fly zappers, such as the Gardner's AG-661 or Gardner's AG-969. Fly zappers electrocute insects instead of trapping them. Zappers work well in areas where the sound of the trap will not disturb anyone, such as warehouses. Zappers also have the potential to explode the insect, so they are not good for food handling areas.

  • Other designs are fly lights that don't electrocute, such as the Mantis Uplight Max 36. Non-electrocuting traps lure insects onto a glue board located near the light using ultraviolet light. Once the fly lands on the glue board, it is unable to escape. Glue board based Fly Lights are the best choice for food handling areas.The Gardner GT-200 is a very large and durable glue board trap.
  • Discreet Fly Light Traps include, Naturale Fly Trap, made of real bamboo, Gardner WS85 Wall Sconce traps, and the Virolite 20 and 40 Watt Traps.
  • For areas such as corners, use the Nemesis Corner Mount trap.

Pro Tip: Do not place traps near competing light sources, such as a window. Leave lit fly traps on overnight for the best performance.

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