Lady Bug & Asian Lady Beetle Control

Lady Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, cluster flies, and boxelder bugs are "overwintering" insects. Ladybugs are beneficial insects but can become a nuisance as they attempt to enter our homes during the fall months for shelter until springtime.

What To Do About These Fall Invaders- Prevention

Spray the south and southwest exposures of the house, from the ground up. Spray as high as you can go with a long-lasting residual insecticide like Cyzmic CSor Cyper WSP. Also spray these residual insecticides around exterior windows, attic vents, eaves, attic vents, soffits, siding ( including under the lips), under fascia lips, doors, and any other possible points of entry, concentrating on the south and the southwest sides.

Other Insecticides we recommend for prevention:

For additional coverage, you can dust into wall voids, plumbing openings, and around switch plate covers with D-Fense Dust . D-Fense Dust will last 6 months Use Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol, with its crack and crevice tip to spray into indoor cracks, wall voids, around windows, molding, light fixtures, and hiding places. Stryker 54 will kill the ladybugs on contact as you spray the ladybugs directly. Stryker 54 is not a residual insecticide.

When Ladybugs are Present In Your Homes

Once they are inside, use an aerosol called Stryker 54 to spray on contact to kill the ladybugs directly or use a vacuum cleaner. If they are near the windows, you can use Revenge Window Fly Catchers

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