Grassy Weed Killer


DIY Pest Control offers grassy weed killers specially formulated to target and eliminate unwanted weeds in your garden or lawn. Our grassy weed control products are designed to be safe for surrounding plants when used as directed. Ensure a pristine and weed-free lawn by choosing DIY Pest Control grassy weed killers.

Grassy Weed Control

Grassy weed control can be very difficult and require a lot of attention and preventative steps. It is important to distinguish these from broadleaf weeds.  Here are some characteristics that separate grassy weeds from broadleaf weeds:

  • long, narrow leaves
  • parallel running veins (do not form a net-like pattern)
  • no colorful or extravagant flowers
  • similar leaf shapes among species
  • seed heads tend to be more spiked and can help differentiate between species.

The first step, however, is identifying the type of grassy weed you have and then understanding how to treat and prevent it. There are 3 major types of grassy weeds: winter annual weeds, summer annual weeds, and perennial weeds.

  • Winter Annual Weeds
  • Summer Annual Weeds
  • Perennial Weeds.

Grassy Winter Annual Weeds


  • These weeds germinate in late summer and early fall.
  • They can survive through the winter and will aggressively grow in the spring and die off by late spring/early fall
  • Click here to see examples of some winter annual weeds

Examples Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua)


  • The most effective treatment of winter annual weeds prevention by using pre-emergent herbicides.  You want to apply this in late summer/early fall to prevent them from germinating.  Mulitple applications may be necessary because winter annual seeds can survive years without germinating.
  • Click here to for pre-emergent herbicides


Grassy Summer Annual Weeds


  • Germination begins early to mid-spring depending on your location.  These grassy weeds will flower throughout the summer into the early fall where they are killed off on with the first frost.
  • Produce seed in mid to late summer

Examples: Crabgrass, Goosegrass


  • The most effective treatment for summer annual weeds is the same for winter annual weeds: prevention.
  • Apply pre-emergents in early to mid spring.  A good indication to when to apply is when the temperature is 50-60 degrees for about 1-2 weeks


Grassy Perennial Weeds


  • Season-long life cycles.  The cycles will vary from species to species so it is very important to properly identify before treatment.
  • Vigorous, invasive growth habits.
  • Could be a desired grass in an undesired around such as unwanted bermudagrass in your zoysia lawn

Examples: Dallisgrass, Quackgrass, and Bermuda grass




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