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Pest Control Products For General Purpose And Preventative Use

So you don't have pest problems right now, and you want to keep it that way? Consider treating the exterior of the home. This can and should be your first line of defense against insect invasion.

All Around Tips: Spraying the outside perimeter of your house with LambdaStar 9.7 UltraCap, Wisdom TC Flowable, or Avesta CS are great ways to prevent a broad spectrum of insects. The same type of application using Navigator SC is highly effective against ants. Ecovia EC is one of the best all-purpose botanical insecticides (organic insecticides).

  • Fall Time: Xcluder fabric is a great prevention against rodent and pest intruders. Use LamdaStar 9.7, Avesta CS, Cyzmic CS, or D-Fense SC on the south and southwest exterior walls to keep overwintering insects like ladybugs, cluster flies, stink bugs and boxelder bugs from invading your homes.
  • Spring Time: Merit 75 WP is applied to lawns to kill grub worms for mole control. It is important to use Merit 75 WP before the grub worms hatch, during the spring months.

Below are our picks from the best preventative pest control products available. Contact us for specific recommendations and advice.

Spray it or spread it? Insecticide spray and granules can be used individually or in combination around the perimeter of the home for best results.

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