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Spider Control Products and Treatment

Spiders are generally a beneficial pest because they prey on other insects, but many people have arachnophobia (fear of spiders), and want them removed from the home.

Spiders are easy to differentiate from other pests because they have eight legs. Identification of the species is often a bit difficult since the average home owner smashes first and asks questions later.

Steps For Spider Control

  1. Clean Up: Remove sources of spider infestations, like firewood piles and clutter in the yard. Get rid of cobwebs during cleaning. Cobweb duster and Web Out can be used to help eliminate cobwebs. Getting rid of their webs will eliminate their ability to gather their food.
  2. Residual Insecticides: Spray along entry points with a residual insecticide like Cyzmic CS, LambdaStar Ultra Cap 9.7, Cyper WSP, Onslaught, or D-Fense SC. These locations include cracks and crevices, doors, windows, washer and dryer connections, etc. You are spraying areas where spiders come inside looking for other insects for food. Also spray in corners and anywhere the spiders may be making webs.
  3. Insecticide Dusts: Using an insecticide dust such as D-Fense Dust may be added to your spider treatment program. Typical areas of dusting would be in attics, wall voids and under your baseboards. D-Fense Dust lasts 6 months or more. You will need a duster for application. The Dustin Mizer is easy to use in attics; it covers a lot of area efficiently. You can also use D-Fense Dust on the Webster Cobweb Duster Head and dust in areas of cobwebs.
  4. Aerosols : Use an aerosol with a crack and crevice tip like Zenprox or D-Force to reach areas where the liquid insecticide can not reach. Typical areas are under baseboards, around door frames and in corners.
  5. Spider Traps: Placing out traps will also catch spiders. The Biocare spider trap catches the spiders by imitating itself as a hiding place, and serves as a monitoring tool.

Spider Bites and Venom

While all spiders use venom to kill their prey, three in North America are dangerous to humans: Black Widow Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, and European House Spiders. Consult a doctor if a spider bites you. National Hotline Poison Center: 1-800-222-1212

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