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Your home isn't just about the four walls that shelter you; it includes your lawn and garden—spaces that add beauty and value to your property. But a lush, healthy landscape is not just about watering and sunlight. Pests can wreak havoc on your green paradise, causing damage that can be expensive to repair. That’s where DIY Pest Control comes in to help you regain control over your lawn and garden with a range of specialized lawn pest control products.

Achieve a pristine lawn with our top-notch lawn pest control products. DIY Pest Control offers a wide selection of yard pest control solutions to safeguard your lawn and garden. From insecticides and repellents to specialized lawn and garden products, we have everything you need to keep pests at bay. Take control of your outdoor spaces with our lawn and pest control products, ensuring a beautiful and pest-free landscape for you and your family to enjoy.

How to Select Plant Control Products

Herbicides (Weed Killers) and Plant Control:

Before purchasing plant control products, consider the type of vegetation you are targeting. Also consider if the weed has already emerged or if you can prevent it with a pre-emergent herbicide. In areas with desirable grass and flowering plants, selective herbicides are advised.

For more information and recommendations for your region consult your local extension office.

How to Select Lawn & Garden Pest Control Products

Lawn Insect Control:

There are a variety of products available for lawn insect control. Some products target a wide variety of insects, while others are tailored to specific pests.

Specific Insects: For targeting a specific pest, refer to our crawling insect and flying insect categories for the best recommendations.

Broad Spectrum Insect Control: Bifen LP and Imidacloprid .5G granules are highly effective against a broad spectrum of crawling insects in the yard. Bifen LP is also labeled for fire ant prevention. Bifen IT spray (different than Bifen LP granules) is one of the most popular yard insect control products, because it targets a wide variety of insects. If using a spray, we recommend avoiding the flower parts of plants to protect beneficial pollinating insects.

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What Pest Are You Having Trouble With?

At DIY Pest Control, we know that there are a wide range of pests that may infiltrate your lawn and garden. From ants and spiders to hornets and bees, these unwanted guests can take away your peace of mind and make it difficult to enjoy your home.

Broadleaf Weeds Grassy Weeds

Helpful Lawn Pest Control Videos

Looking for some helpful guides for better lawn pest control? Check out these videos from DIY Pest Control.

Preventative Lawn Pest Control Tips

When it comes to fighting pests in your lawn and garden, prevention is a powerful tool. We have gathered some articles and guides to help you in your fight to protect your property from unwanted pests.

Pest Prevention Tips
Weed Killer

Yard Pest Control Application and Equipment

Yard pest control requires a wide range of equipment and pest control products. DIY Pest Supplies offers a vast selection of lawn and garden pest control products and equipment for you to choose from.

Your Options for Your Lawn and Pest Control

We understand that different lawns and gardens face unique challenges, which is why we offer a varied range of products suitable for every situation:

  • Insecticides: For dealing with invasive insects like ants, mosquitoes, and ticks.
  • Rodenticides: Target larger pests, such as rats and moles, that burrow into your yard.
  • Herbicides: Take care of weeds that are stealing valuable nutrients from your plants with our weed killer products, including crabgrass killer.
  • Natural Products: For those who prefer an eco-friendly approach, we offer a selection of natural lawn and garden products.

What Sets Our Lawn and Garden Products Apart?

DIY Pest Control has a history rooted deeply in the expertise of the pest control industry. With a legacy spanning over 60 years, we've accumulated unparalleled know-how when it comes to tackling pests in every setting, including your lawn and garden. Our extensive range of yard pest control products are designed for efficacy, ease of use, and, above all, safety for your family and pets.

Fast Shipping Ensures You Can Fight the Problem Immediately

Our two shipping warehouses located on the east and west coasts enable fast shipping, allowing you to take quick action before your pest issue escalates. Plus, our certified pest control operators are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

The Benefits of Lawn Pest Control

You know you have a pest problem that needs fixing, but beyond just solving your immediate situation, it's important to understand the advantages of using lawn pest control products.

  • Long-Term Cost Savings: Sure, you could hire a professional to take care of your lawn, but over time, this approach can get costly. Learning to manage pests yourself can save you money in the long run.
  • Targeted Treatment: Not all pests are the same. Specific lawn and garden products allow you to address particular issues, be it aphids on your roses or grubs in your grass.
  • Safety: By taking matters into your own hands, you can ensure that only the safest products are used in areas where your children and pets play.
  • Convenience: Nothing beats the convenience of handling things at your own pace and time. Lawn pest control products offer you the flexibility to apply treatments when it’s most convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Pest Control

What Types of Pests Commonly Affect Lawns and Gardens?

Various types of pests can invade your lawn and garden, ranging from insects like ants, aphids, and grubs to larger nuisances like moles and rats. Weeds can also be considered pests as they compete for resources with your plants.

Are Lawn Pest Control Products Safe for Pets and Children?

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to lawn and garden products. While many products are designed to be safe for pets and children when used as directed, it is crucial to read the manufacturer's instructions and precautions. DIY Pest Control also offers natural, eco-friendly options that minimize potential risks to pets and family members.

How Often Should I Apply Lawn Pest Control Products?

The frequency of application can vary depending on the type of product and the severity of the infestation. Some products may require a single application, while others might need to be applied periodically. Always follow the guidelines provided with each product and consult our technical staff for personalized advice.

Can I Use the Same Yard Pest Control Product for Different Types of Pests?

While some products are formulated to tackle a broad spectrum of pests, others are specialized for particular types. It's essential to identify the specific pests affecting your lawn and garden to select the most effective treatment. DIY Pest Control offers a wide range of specialized and multi-purpose products, ensuring you find the right fit for your needs

Take Back Your Peace of Mind With Our Lawn Pest Control Products

Don't let pests rob you of the joy and beauty that a well-maintained lawn and garden can offer. With DIY Pest Control, you're not just purchasing lawn pest control products; you're investing in peace of mind and a healthier outdoor environment for your family. Benefit from our decades of experience, fast shipping, and dedicated customer support to achieve the lush, pest-free landscape you’ve always wanted. Act now, explore our extensive range of lawn and garden pest control products, and give yourself the gift of a beautiful and serene outdoor space.

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