Rodent Control Products

Are pesky rodents wreaking havoc in your home? Take control with our wide range of top-quality rodent control products. From traps and baits to ultrasonic repellents, we have everything you need to combat rodent infestations. Conveniently shop for effective rodent control products online and say goodbye to those unwanted guests. Don't let rodents take over—get the upper hand with our trusted solutions for rodent control.

How to decide between Rodent Baits and Traps

When considering rodent control, you generally have a choice between trapping and baiting methods. Baiting is easier, especially for pest control novices, but there is also a chance that a dead smelly rodent will die behind your walls. If that happens, you'll have to wait until the carcass decomposes. If there is potential that the rodent will get stuck in the walls near a common area in your house, you might want to use traps to catch the rodent instead.

Squirrel Control: Unfortunately, there is not a bait labeled for squirrel control. Trapping is the preferred method. Mole Control: You can choose baiting methods or trapping methods to catch moles. The majority of people choose baits, because baiting is easier. We have some outstanding traps (standard, collapsible and easy to set live cages) for Raccoons, Woodchucks, and Opossums made by Havahart
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