What are the rules for using Rodent Baits Outside?


The EPA recently updated the rules for using rodent baits outside.

Current EPA guidelines for rodent baiting outside:

    1. Rodent Baits must be placed in tamper resistant bait stations. We suggest the Protecta Evo Ambush Bait Station. The rule states the bait must be anchored in a way that it cannot be shaken out of the bait station. Bait blocks are the best baits to use in bait stations because they can be anchored down on rods inside the station. The best baits to use for this are: Contrac Blox, Final Blox, or Fastrac Blox.

 Rodent Bait Block

  1. Bait Station Placement. The bait stations have to be placed within 100 feet of a man-made structure. Note that a fence is not considered a man-made structure in this case. If the structure can be moved (mobile home, etc), then the bait station must also be moved when the structure is moved. Placing the stations near a structure reduces the risk that unintended wildlife will consume the bait.
  2. Burrow baiting (dropping bait directly into a rodent burrow), must be done with a pellet bait. Only a first generation anticoagulant or a non-anticoagulant can be used. We suggest Ditrac, Fastrac, or Terad for burrow baiting.

Rodent Bait Pellets

By Walt Cline

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