Pyrethrins-Pyrethrums-Fogging Compounds

What are pyrethrins sprays?

Pyrethrins (Pyrethrums) are natural-botanical insecticides found in daisy-like Chrysanthemum flowers(Tanacetum cinerariaefolium) . Pyrethrins have a low order of toxicity to warm-blooded animals and can be used in the homes safely.

How do pyrethrin insecticides work?

Pyrethrins provide a rapid knockdown of insects. Pyrethrins have low toxicity to warm blooded animals but is a powerful insect repellent. Pyrethrins target the central nervous system of insects providing a quick kill.

Pyrethrin Benefits

  • Low Toxicity
  • Rapid knockdown and kill of insects.
  • Powerful insect repellent.
  • Flushing Agent
  • Environment friendly
  • Outstanding Flushing
  • Fogging Compounds
  • No Insect Immunity

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Are pyrethrins safe?

Pyrethrins (Pyrethrums) have been used effectively to control insects and decomposes quickly in the environment making it environmentally friendly.

According to the USDA, synergized pyrethrum is one of the safest insecticides for use in food manufacturing plants. Pyrethrins are approved by the USDA around foodstuffs. Pyrethrins can be used in manufacturer facilities, homes, and around animals. It is often used where more dangerous pesticides cannot be used. Pyrethrins and its synergists very quickly disintegrate in the air and sunlight and is biodegradable. This assures no excessive build-up of insecticides that are dispensed.



Can insects get immune to pyrethrins?

Insect resistance is not an issue. Because pyrethrins decompose quickly in the environment, pyrethrin has been used for insect control for decades. There is virtually no insect resistance, so it is used in insect control, in a broad spectrum of settings.



Repellent and Insecticidal Properties

Besides pyrethrins knock-down on contact property, it also repels insects. This inherent repellency of insects has been observed in food establishments like restaurants in fly control programs using pyrethrins. Many flies that are not killed on contact will be found dead on places like windowsills or near doorways. The flies are repellled by the aerozolized area of pyrethrin and seek the outside.



Pyrethrin Uses


 1. Aerosols

Typical pyrethrins in aerosols such as, CB 80 and PT 565 provide contact kill and flushing actions. They come in aerosol cans with a tip attached to flush the insects out of their hiding places.


2. Fogging Materials

Pyrethrins have long been the most popular fogging compounds for fogging entire areas with foggers.

(a)  Oil Based Pyrethrins are used in all foggers. Most of the time they are ready to use (RTU) pyrethrin products, but some may be diluted.


(b)  Water Based Pyrethrins (Emusifiables) are used in cold-ULV foggers and mosquito misting systems. Water based pyrethrins may be mixed with water or used as a ready to use product.



Synergist Used With Pyrethrins

Synergist can be added to pyrethrins or synthetic pyrethroids, such as permethrin, to increase effectiveness.

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