Advantage Fly Trap

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Advantage Fly Trap
Advantage Fly Trap
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Each trap will come with 2 packets of Fly Banquet , a fly lure to mix in water inside the trap. This unique design makes it the best fly trap on the market.

Product Information

Advantage Fly Trap

The Advantage Fly Trap comes with one liner and two pre-measured packs of Fly Banquet Lure. Unlike other outdoor use fly traps, this trap features a patented top and bottom entry. This allows an aromatic dispensing of smell.

  • The circular shape of this fly trap allows for maximum light source while the top and bottom entry points form a chimney effect dispensing the various attractants smell over a 30' wide area as compared to 10' with other traps while the interior temperature is constant.
  • Due to the chimney effect and the large capacity of the trap, you are able to use half the number of traps they currently must use to trap flies.
  • Advantage Fly Trap has simplified the undesirable task of cleaning permanent baited fly traps with a disposable liner that is contoured to the interior dimension of the industrial strength plastic trap.

Banquet Lure

Lures a wide variety of flies..stable flies,blow flies,house flies,large gnats. No chemicals-environmentally safe. All natural ingredients-contains chicken,fish, natural herbs and spices. Simple to use-just mix with water.

Fly Banquet Instructions

1. Add enclosed packet of Fly Banquet into trap liner.

2. Add water to fill mark.

3. Replace fly trap top

4. Allow 24-48 hours to fully activate.

5. Remove & dispose of trap liner when full of dead insects, (every 10 days or as needed).


Advantage Fly Trap Tips for best results:

  • Typically , place the Advantage Fly Trap outside where flies are a problem. The outside perimeters of barns, houses, animal cages, etc. are suggested locations.
  • Generally, flies like heat, light, low wind-Place traps in sunny areas, if not too hot. Weather conditions affect fly activity and trap effectiveness.
  • When temperatures rise above 80 F degrees, traps are best when placed in shaded areas. As temperatures fall below this, fly activity will diminish and they will seek warmer areas. Move the trap into sunny areas at this point.
  • Flies search low for food sources-Traps are most effective when placed 24" or less from ground level. Place traps at various locations and heights to determine the most effective placement.
  • Avoid strong winds, since these traps work best in low winds. Strong odors from dead flies may occur if not kept in well-ventilated areas.
  • Depending on the temperature, allow 24-48 hours for the Banquet Lure to activate.
  • If placing traps in an area near pre-existing strong odors, sometimes doubling the attractant amount will aid in the trapping process.
  • When the trap is full or after 1-4 weeks of trapping, empty the trap and replenish with new attractant.
  • Always dispose of the dead flies away from your fly traps. Do not empty dead flies on to the ground, this may become an additional breeding area for flies.
  • Note: To save time and make changing & cleaning your Advantage Flying Insect Trap even easier, a liner comes with each trap. This will allow you to use your trap as a permanent unit while having the benefit of a disposable unit. Liners can be sold separately.


  • Flies remain dormant until their body temperature reaches approximately 65 degree F.
  • Eliminating 1 female fly can reduce fly populations by up to 500 flies a year.
  • Even trapped flies will lay eggs. It is important to add water above level of trapped flies.
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