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Advion Micro Flow Insect Bait ( 8 oz)
Advion Micro Flow Insect Bait ( 8 oz)
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Product Information

Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait is dry flowable bait ready-to-use (no mixing required). Indoxacarb is the active ingredient combined with a highly attractive bait matrix consisting of a balance of lipids, proteins, and sugars that provide better bait consumption. It has improved pest mortality at low use rates. Its flexible label and packaging offer the freedom to apply the bait as needed, including baiting on a large scale.

How Advion MicroFlow Works

Advion Microflow has finely milled particles that adhere to pests’ exoskeletons and penetrate deep within cracks, crevices, and voids to reach areas inaccessible to gel baits or liquids. A secondary transfer effect occurs when the unwanted pests carry particles back to the harborages that the other insects in the nest consume during grooming.

How To Apply Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait

Apply Advion MicroFlow to hard-to-reach areas inside or outside to control ants (see label for some types of ants exclusion), crickets, roaches, earwigs, pillbugs, sowbugs, and other listed insects. In addition, it may be used in food-handling facilities.

Apply this ready-to-use dry flowable bait with a hand duster such as JT Eaton Bellow Duster or Clear Puffer Duster.

Apply bait directly into cracks & crevices, voids, or other areas of structures where listed crawling insect pests are likely to be found or where they may enter from outdoors.

Focus treatments in cracks & crevices or voids associated with pest harborage areas or entry points such as utility service ducts, wall voids, under and behind appliances such as refrigerators or stoves, cabinets, sinks, around the door and window frames, attics, and crawl spaces. Concentrate treatment at insect activity sites and make applications based on the severity of the pest infestation.

Because the indoxacarb in Advion MicroFlow works by the target insect eating the bait, non-targeted organisms are unaffected. Keep children and pets away from areas of application.

Use Rates

Use between 0.2 – 1.8 ounces per 100 square feet. Available in an 8-ounce jar packaging. Application rate may vary depending on the usage; use lower label rates for maintenance or low-level pest populations or higher label rates for high-level pest populations. See the label for complete application instructions.

  • For light pest infestations, use an application rate of 0.2-0.6 oz (6-17 grams) bait per 100 square feet.
  • For moderate to severe pest infestations, use an application rate of 0.6- 1.8 oz (17-52 grams) per 100 square feet to gain control of the pest population. Inspect bait application areas during follow-up visits and reapply bait after 7 days as needed. For example, discreet placements (spot treatments) of bait of approximately 1-2 grams (0.04-0.07 oz) may be appropriate when treating pest entry points.
Packaging 8 oz jar with measuring scoop
Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Ants (excluding red imported fire ants, harvester ants,
carpenter ants and pharaoh ants), Cockroaches, Crickets (field), Cricket (house), Earwigs, Firebrats, Mole cricket, Pillbug, Sowbugs, and Pantry pests.

Active Ingredient (s) Indoxacarb - 0.22%
For Use :

Indoors and Outdoors: around residential, commercial, agricultural, public, and institutional buildings.

Yield N/A
Mixture|Application Apply bait directly into cracks & crevices, voids or other areas of structures where listed crawling insect pests are likely to be found or where they may enter from outdoors.


  • General Insect Control: After determining the insect activity areas, dust Advion Micro Flow Insect Bait into the area where these insects hide and crawl. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices, wall voids, electrical or phone fittings, and under and behind sinks, cabinets, refrigerators, windows, and door frames.
  • Follow-Up: Inspect the bait placements and reapply after 7 days if needed.
  • Pantry Pest Control: Dust with the duster this bait in cracks, crevices, and voids. Apply in the cabinets and pantry area where the pantry pests are present. Remove the shelving liners and foods before treatment.


  • Entry Points: With a bulb duster or any suitable duster, dust around windows, doors, eaves, under sidings, and trims into voids, cracks, and crevices. Don't forget to check other entry points like patios, garages, crawl spaces, and stairways, and apply this bait.
  • Check non-structural areas like fences, pavement cracks, and tree holes for potential insect areas. Apply using a duster as a spot treatment.
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More Instructions


• DO NOT allow domestic animals to consume the bait.

• DO NOT apply to areas accessible to children or pets.

• DO NOT allow Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait to contact any food or feed.

• DO NOT dispense this product with power dusters in the presence of open flames, such as pilot lights in confined areas (e.g., attics and hot water heater closets).

• DO NOT exceed 4.6 pounds of Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait per 1000 sq ft per year (equal to 0.44 lb active ingredient per acre per year).

• DO NOT formulate the product into any other end-use products.

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