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Research has shown that liquid termiticides are more effective than bait systems for termite control. To maximize termiticide effectiveness these chemicals should be applied with professional valves and pipes equipped with directional nozzles and tips.

Exterminators will tell you that the best chemicals around won't do the job if they are in the wrong place. To get the chemicals into the right place, you’ll need a delivery system. A delivery system has a valve to control the flow of the chemical, a set of treating pipes (also known as rods) to inject the chemical, and a set of tips to spray the chemical in various directions.

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Termite Tool Valves

We offer three valves: the VersaTool Valve, the ROBCO QCG Gun, and the VersaGun. The VersaTool Valve is an inexpensive, yet rugged and reliable workhorse. The ROBCO QCG Gun is the most versatile. It can be used for termite injection and rodding just like the other valves but with the quick connecting Cone-Jet attachment it can be used as a pre-treatment or spray gun too. The VersaGun is the best valve on the market today. It is lightweight and comfortable to use but just as rugged as durable as the others.

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Termite Tool Pipes (rods)

The pipes (rods) come in two varieties: Standard and Professional. The Standard 7/16” pipes are stainless steel and come equipped with quick change adapters. The Standard 5/8” Rodding Pipe is galvanized steel and also comes equipped with a quick change adapter. All of the Professional pipes, including the 5/8” Rodding Pipe, are made of a stronger stainless steel than the Standard Pipes and come equipped with quick change adapters. In addition, they have built-in check valves to help avoid dripping. This is most important when working indoors. If you treat for termites every day or just every now and then, we have the pipes you need.

Termite Tool Tips/Nozzles

The tips are all stainless steel and are designed to thread on to the end of the pipes. They come in 360°, 180°, and straight spray designs. The 360° tip is used for injecting termite chemicals into the soil. Professionals call this technique “rodding the soil” or just “rodding.” The 360° tip is also used for sub-slab injection. The 180° tip is used for rodding and injecting into masonry voids like those you’ll find in cinder block and brick veneer walls. The straight spray nozzle can be used in voids and for applying chemicals into shallow trenches.

All of these products are available individually or more conveniently in kits that contain all the items you’ll need for delivering termite chemicals on a typical job site.

By Ken Martin

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