B&G VersaFoamer 4000

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B&G VersaFoamer 4000
B&G VersaFoamer 4000
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The B&G VersaFoamer 4000 includes a 1-gallon stainless steel tank and a 7 ft hose for application from the tank. It is not only a complete foam application system but has a quiet running air compressor and comes in a secure and portable case. The lid can be closed and locked during operation. The system comes with a 8-inch curved applicator tip. The optional flexible tip for the B&G VersaFoamer 4000 can be used to apply biological cleaners deep into clogged drains. The optional Straight Tip with Stopper is available for sub-slab injection.

Product Information

B&G VersaFoamer 4000's Compressor

The compressor cycles on and off to maintain 35-40 psi in the tank. The tank in the B&G VersaFoamer 4000 can be detached (quick connect) from the compressor and removed from the case for application in confined spaces. A foaming agent must be added to the insecticide dilution. With the tank fully pressurized you can achieve up to 40 seconds of foam application.

The self-regulating compressor maintains operating pressure in the tank, and ensures consistent foam throughout the application--no adjustments are necessary. Several optional application tips are available. The units are supplied in either 110V and 220V.

How To Operate B&G VersaFoamer 4000CT

To operate the unit, just put 2-3 oz (per gallon of mix) of your favorite foaming agent along with water and chemical and you are ready to go.

The B&G VersaFoamer 4000CT unit comes mounted in Carrying Case but tank and hose can be removed for spot treatments


  • Electric, compressed-air system
  • 1-gallon tank with pressure gauge
  • Quiet compressor motor, 7 ft hose
  • Completely contained leak-proof case
  • Portable and easy to use
  • No adjustments, great foam every time

Ideal for Pest Control Operators or Maintenance

  • For termite or carpenter ant control (includes special curved void tip) to commercial kitchen applications.
  • Foaming microbial fly control products or other pest control applications wherever foam is needed.
  • Treat wall and cabinet voids
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SDS Foam Application Manual
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For Use : For use in pesticide and janitorial foaming
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More Instructions Versafoamer 4000 Manual Printable B&G Repair Manual

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