Bora-Care- More Information


Bora-Care is a patented liquid formulation to protect structural wood from attacking wood-destroying organisms. It contains disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (also called DOT, a borate compound) as the active ingredient and also contains glycol penetrants to help the active ingredient diffuse into the wood.

What is a borate compound?

A borate compound contains the basic elements of boron and oxygen. Borate ores are mined from mineral deposits found in the earth. These mines can be found in western North America, South America, and Asia. Borate compounds help create products such as ceramic tiles, fertilizers, glass, detergents, soaps, cosmetics, medicines, and pest control products.

What are glycol penetrants?

Glycols are members of the class of compounds called alcohols. They are used in paints, dyes, inks, cosmetics, and coolants. The glycols in Bora-Care allow more active ingredients to be dissolved into a true liquid solution. These glycols also aid in the diffusion of Bora-Care by drawing the borate active ingredient into the wood.

How do borates affect insect and fungus species?

Borates are toxic to both insects and fungus species. One mode of action is that borates disrupt the enzyme system of the insect and destroy the microflora (bacteria and protozoa) in the stomach of the insect, thus disallowing food digestion. Borates also affect the enzyme system of fungi and the active ingredient is a contact toxicant to fungus.

Termites: Subterranean, Formosan, Drywood, Dampwood, Powder and PostBeetles: Lyctidae and Bostrichidae species, Anobiid Beetles and Old House BorersCarpenter Ants, Brown Rot, White Rot and Wood Decay Fungi

Is Bora-Care better than soil treatments when controlling termites?

Soil treatments try to block termites from coming up from the soil. Even under the best circumstances, termites can still enter through a break in the soil barrier and cause major damage to the wood in the structure. Bora-Care controls infestations in another manner. Wood is eliminated as a food source for termites with a Bora-Care application. If termites can't eat the wood, the probability of damage to a structure is minimized.

How long will Bora-Care stay in the wood?

Since Bora-Care is derived from minerals, once the active ingredient diffuses into the wood it will remain indefinitely. There are no natural forces that will degrade or break down the product inside the wood. Only high levels of water saturated in the wood will enable the active ingredient to be forced out. This saturated state is not normally found with interior structural wood. It is generally recommended to seal exposed exterior structural wood after application with Bora-Care to prevent the occurrence of excessive moisture.

How toxic is Bora-Care to humans or pets?

The active ingredient in Bora-Care, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, is a borate salt compound that is formed from a union of boric acid and borax. It has a very low toxicity level for humans and pets but is very effective against insects and fungi. Read and follow all label instructions before use.

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