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Boractin Insecticide Powder - 4 oz ( One Packet)
Boractin Insecticide Powder - 4 oz ( One Packet)
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Boractin Insecticide Powder - 1 lb
Boractin Insecticide Powder - 1 lb
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Boractin Insecticide Powder  - 5 lb
Boractin Insecticide Powder - 5 lb
Boractin Insecticide Powder- 25 lb
Boractin Insecticide Powder- 25 lb
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Product Information

Boractin Insecticide Boric Acid Powder

BorActin Insecticide Powder (Boric Acid) is a moisture-resistant dust used against a wide range of crawling insects. This dust does not "clump" easily and is applied as a dust well. Because heat does not affect it, BorActin will reman indefinitely. BorActin Insecticide Powder is considered a green pest control product since it's active ingredient (orthoboric acid) is a natural chemical. The toxicity in BorActin is low but it is important to follow all label instructions for complete safety.

Boractin Orthoboric Acid Dust - Uses

BorActin Orthoboric Acid Dust is long-lasting, economical, odorless, and non-repellent. It is ideal for application in voids and other inaccessible areas. BorActin is labeled for use in federally-inspected food plants, in both food and non-food areas and contains a blue warning dye. It may also be used in poultry houses for darkling beetle control, as well as in sewers. BorActin may be used in new construction pre-treat applications for prevention of cockroach and drywood termite infestations

Special Features

  • Long lasting, non-staining, odorless, green pest control product
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Product Label Label
Target Pest Cockroaches, Palmettobugs, Waterbugs, Ants (Excluding Carpenter Ants), Silverfish and Darkling Beetles
New Construction: Preventative Treatment for Roaches and Drywood Termites
Active Ingredient (s) Orthoboric Acid 99%Boric Acid
For Use : This Orthoboric Acid powder works well in void areas and attics. Using bellows or other appropriate duster, apply powder crawl spaces, in attics, crawl spaces, utility closets, trash closets, voids under and behind cabinets and wall voids, under and behind appliances and vending machines, sinks and tubs, in drawer wells, garbage chutes, pipe chases, elevator pits, around drains, around electrical conduits, around the perimeter of dropped ceilings, and in cracks and crevices where insects may harbor. Concentrate on placing the dust in areas of insect activity.
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Dust in areas where insects are found or may hide such as cracks and crevices, behind and beneath stoves, refrigerators, sinks, cabinets, garbage cans, around pipes and drains, window frames, and in attics and basements

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