Control Solution's 3-D Foam

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Control Solution's 3-D Foam
Control Solution's 3-D Foam
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Control Solution's 3-D Foam-Post-Emergent Herbicide

With reliable broadleaf weed control, 3-D Foam-Post-Emergent Herbicide is fueled by a blend of three active ingredients: 2,4-D, mecoprop-p, and dicamba. This combination of active ingredients enhances weed control efficacy.

3-D Foam is a perfect addition for on-the-go golf course superintendents, LCOs, and turfgrass managers. Quick and highly effective for spot treatments.

  • Simple, Convenient, Easy to Use
  • Powered by a 3-way combination of active ingredients: 2,4-D, mecoprop-p and dicamba for dependable broadleaf weed control
  • Kills major broadleaf weeds** including Dandelions, Clover, Chickweed, and Dollarweed.
  • Kills the Weeds, Not the Lawn (when used as directed)
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes
  • One application works in 24 hours

Form Formulation

Form applications could help adhere to the target weeds, especially in areas where traditional liquid formulations are challenging to apply.

Post-Emergent Herbicide

3-D FOAM is designed to be applied after weeds have already emerged from the soil. Post-emergent herbicides are targeted at actively growing weeds and are often used for spot treatments to control specific weed species without harming desirable vegetation.

Active ingredient MCPP

MCPP is a commonly used herbicide active ingredient that targets broadleaf weeds. It is often combined with other herbicides to enhance efficacy and broaden the weed control spectrum.

On-The-Go Application

3-D FOAM is convenient for on-the-go applications, making it suitable for use by golf course superintendents, lawn care operators (LCOs), and turfgrass managers who need quick and efficient weed control solutions while managing large areas of turf.

Highly Effective For Spot Treatments

Spot treatments involve targeting specific areas where weeds are present rather than applying herbicides over an entire area. 3-D FOAM spot treatments can efficiently control weeds with minimal impact on surrounding vegetation.

Packaging 15 oz
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Target Pest

Clover, Chickweed, Dandelion, Ground Ivy, Henbit, Oxalis, Plantain, and other broadleaf weeds. See the label for a complete list.

Active Ingredient (s) 0.18% 2,4-D, 0.05% Mecoprop-p, 0.02% Dicamba
For Use :

For use as a spot treatment on ornamental turf, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, sports fields, turfgrass, lawns, fence rows, hedge rows, ditches, right-of-ways, around buildings, driveways, sidewalks, cartpaths, pavers, patios, retaining walls, and other similar areas where broadleaf weeds may grow.

Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A

1. Shake the can just before using and occasionally between sprays. 

2. Stand close to the weed (1 to 2 feet), with the top of the can pointing away from the face. 

3. Invert the can, hold it at arm’s length, aim at the targeted weed, and press the applicator button. The product will emerge as a narrow stream and foam upon contact with plant surfaces.

4. Spray briefly to cover the center of the weed and avoid over-spray. The foaming activity will spread outward onto weed leaves. Heavy application or overspray may cause temporary discoloration of the surrounding desired turf.

5. One application will kill most weeds listed. Reapply in 30 days if weed shows signs of recovery.

What to Expect

Numerous broadleaf weeds exhibit visible signs of leaf curl within a few days of treatment. However, some challenging-to-tackle broadleaf weeds may necessitate a secondary application after 30 days.

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More Instructions

Environmental Hazards

This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates and may adversely affect non-target plants. Do not apply directly to water, areas where surface water is present, or intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Drift and runoff may be hazardous to aquatic organisms adjacent to treated areas.


Use Restrictions

• DO NOT use this product for controlling weeds in flower or vegetable beds or around shrubs or ornamental
• DO NOT use this product on or near desirable plants, including within the dripline of the roots of desirable trees
and shrubs, since injury may result.
• DO NOT spray on Dichondra, Lippia, or grasses where desirable Clovers are present.
• DO NOT apply to newly seeded grasses until they have been mowed 3 times.
• DO NOT cut grass 1 to 2 days before and after application.
• DO NOT reseed for 3 to 4 weeks after use. If lawn needs watering, water thoroughly before application.
• DO NOT water for 24 hours after application. Watering will wash off this product.

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