Termite Dust Treatment


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Dusts for Termites

The use of dusts for localized treatment of termite infestations, particularly drywood termite infestations, dates back many years. Commonly known as a “drill and treat” strategy, this technique of drilling into infested wood and injecting insecticide dust directly into the galleries, remains a widely used control method. This maximizes the termite’s exposure to the chemical. It is a simple and effective method.

Advantages Of Using Dust in Termite Treatments

There are many advantages to insecticide dust applications. Dusts generally last much longer than aerosol or liquid applications. In addition, dusts typically consist of small lightweight particles that easily move through the termite galleries in the wood. Dusts also cling readily to the bodies of the termites that travel through the galleries.

Disadvantages Of Using Dust in Termite Treatments

The one challenge to the “drill and treat” strategy is that it requires exact knowledge of the termite’s location. If that can’t be determined or there are many different areas of the building involved, then fumigation by a licensed professional is recommended.

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