Detex Blox (with Lumitrack-8.8lbs.)

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Detex Blox (with Lumitrack-8.8lbs.)
Detex Blox (with Lumitrack-8.8lbs.)
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Detex Blox is used as a monitoring rodent bait. Made of 16 human food-grade ingredients, it has a high bait acceptance and weatherability.

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
This product will really help acceptance of what ever rodenticide you use. Once they start feeding on it you can slowly start adding the rodenticide along with the Detex. This will really help. Some rodents are really picky about what they eat.

Product Information

Detex Blox

Detex Blox is used as a monitoring rodent bait with no toxicity. Made of 16 human food-grade ingredients, it has a high bait acceptance and weatherability. Detex has a biomarker called Lumitrack that causes the rodent dropping to glow a bright green under black light. 

If a black light is used, the rodent droppings can be tracked. This is useful to identify the size of infestation and rodent movement from harborage to nesting areas. If there are active burrows, they will also be illuminated.

When To Use Detex Blox

This completely non-toxic bait is used to monitor rodent activity. After a discovery of rodent activity, switch to a poisonous bait or use rodent traps.

How To Place Detex Blox

Detex Blox is an all weather blox and may be used outside or inside. It may fit in Protecta Bait Stations, Protecta RTU Bait Stations, Protecta LP Bait Stations or Protecta Evo Bait Stations.

  • Begin by placing Detex in areas of susceptible rodent entry points and around the perimeter of buildings.
  • Rats: Use 1 Detex Blox every 30 - 50 feet
  • Mice : Use1 Detex Blox every 6 - 14 feet.

Record these locations for future use in placing poison rodent bait or rodent traps. Inspect monthly for rodent activity; during the autumn and winter months, inspect more frequently.

Steps If Rodent Activity Is Found

If the bait has been gnawned or eaten, replace Detex Blox with toxic rodent bait or traps as appropriate until the infestation has been controlled.

Packaging with lumitrack -8.8 lbs
Product Label Label
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Target Pest Rats and Mice
Active Ingredient (s) Detex is non toxic and made of 16 human grade ingredients; no active ingredients.
For Use : Detex Blox with Lumitrack is an ideal monitoring bait to be used in sensitive areas. Such areas are : homes, schools, food warehouses, zoos, parks and other areas where a non-toxic bait is desired. After rodent detection, replace Detex with a rodent control product that will kill the rodent.
Yield 1 bucket contains over 80 - 20 g bait blocks
Mixture|Application N/A

Suggest use for Detex Blox is in tamper resistant bait stations or areas inaccessible to children or non target animals.

 Rats: Place 1 Detex Blox every 30-50 feet.

 Mice Place 1 Detex Blox every 6-14 feet

Retreatment Replace spoiled bait immediately.
Shipping Restrictions AK
More Instructions DETEX BLOX is non-toxic and may be disposed of in the same manner as other food products

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