Eco Clear Pipe Drain & Septic Cleaner

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Eco Clear  Pipe Drain & Septic Cleaner
Eco Clear Pipe Drain & Septic Cleaner
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EcoClear is a pipe drain, and septic cleaner that breaks down materials in sewer and septic systems. It is made of non toxic microbes in easy - to flush dissolveable bags.

Product Information

EcoClear Pipe, Drain & Septic Cleaner

EcoClear is a pipe drain, and septic cleaner that breaks down materials in sewer and septic systems. It is made of non toxic microbes in a granular material. These microbes come in easy - to flush dissolvable bags.

It will help prevent clogs between the home and sewer or septic tanks. It will also reduce solids and organics in septic tank effluent. Eco Clear will decrease surface scum by an average of 77% and bottom solids up to 40%.

(36) 2 oz water soluble packets

Eco Clear Benefits

  • Reduces pipe contamination
  • Protects pipes, septic tanks and drain fields from organic and solids overload.
  • Reduces odors and backups
  • Treats entire system
  • Proactive vs Reactive

How Eco Clear Works

The natural microbes in Eco Clear produce enzymes that are scientifically proven to break down household waste and produce the following enzymes when activated:

  • Lipase (oils and greases)
  • Protease (foods such as meat)
  • Amylase (starches)
  • Cellulase (paper, vegetables)

Product Label Product Label
Target Pest scum in plumbing systems
Active Ingredient (s) natural microbes; no insecticides
For Use : Regular addition to plumbing pipes, septic systems and drain fields reduces hardened scum, reduces solids and helps maintain plumbing systems.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application Flush in toilets or mix with water to pour down sinks

Eco Clear is provided in powdered form packaged in easy-to-use 2-oz. water-soluble packets.

Toilets: Place one packet of Ecoclear in each commode and flush. Water-saving toilets may require more than one flush. If toilet does not flush completely, wait 10 minutes and flush again.

Drains or Sinks: To treat up to 3 drains or sinks, dissolve one 2-oz. packet of Eco Clear  in one gallon of water. Shake well to mix. Pour into drain(s) or sink(s) using 1/3 gallon to one gallon of mixed solution per drain or sink.

Maintenance: Continue monthly or quarterly applications to keep drain(s) flowing. May also be used in garbage disposals. If necessary, application can be repeated once per week for 4 weeks during a time when drain(s) are least active. Note: Eco Clear is a preventative product and will not open drains that are fully closed or clogged.

Retreatment As needed; according to label
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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