EcoExempt Jet Insecticide

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EcoExempt Jet Insecticide
EcoExempt Jet Insecticide
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EcoPCO Jet Contact Insecticide is an excellent contact insecticide in aerosol form. As an alternative product,EcoPCO Jet contains a botanical insecticide(natural & organic), designed to be environmentally safe.Target insects are wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and spiders.EcoPCO Jet is unscented ,eaves no visible residue and is CFC free. It may be used around electrical outlets. 

Product Information

EcoExempt Jet Insecticide - Wasp and Hornet Killer

EcoExempt Jet provides a "jet" action that can reach 15 feet for an immediate kill and knockdown of stinging insects. As an aerosol, it is CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) free. It is safe to use around electrical outlets and is non-staining. EcoExempt Jet has a botanical scent.

EcoExempt Jet- EPA Minimum Risk

EcoExempt Jet is a EPA “minimum risk” pesticide (FIFRA 25b products); no EPA registration is required. It is a USDA National Organic Program (NOP) compliant product. It has very low toxicity to non-target animals such as pets and other organisms such as fish and birds.

Target Pests

Target pests include wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and spiders.

Alternative to Pyrethrum Aerosols

EcoPCO Exempt Jet is also an effective alternative for pyrethrum aerosols. EcoExempt JET is designated as "bio-pesticide" by the Federal EPA because of its botanical active ingredient, a derivative of peanut oil. (This derivative does NOT cause allergic reactions.) The derivative attacks octopamine, which regulates an insect's heart rate, movement and metabolism. Interrupting the function of octopamine results in a total breakdown of the insect's nervous system, causing a fast knockdown and kill. Since octopamine is only found in invertebrates, EcoExempt action will not harm humans or pets.

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Product Label Label
Target Pest Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, spiders
Active Ingredient (s) Eugenol 2.50%, 2-Phenethyl Propionate 3.7%
For Use : Outside
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A

Stand a safe distance from the nest.
Shake can well before using
Hold can upright when using
Saturate the nest
Contact as many insects as possible
Whenever possible it is best to spray bee, hornet and wasp nests at night as they are less active after the sun goes down
For best results, apply in the early morning or evening when insect activity is minimal. Stand at a safe distance from the nest an not directly underneath. Hold can uprightly and point spray opening toward nest with wind at your back.Spray liberally until nest is throroughly wet.

Retreatment Retreat as needed
Shipping Restrictions NY or CT
More Instructions As a precaution, test an inconspicuous area when treating vinyl or painted surfaces.

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