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Ecomazapyr 2 SL (Qt )
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Ecomazapyr 2 SL (Gallon)
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Product Information

Ecomazapyr 2SL

Allligare's Ecomazapyr 2SL with Imazapyr 27.8% can be compared to BASF's Arsenal 2 lb formula. It provides preemergent and post emergent control with residual action on listed weeds. Ecomazapyre 2 SL is labeled to control undesirable vegetation in grass pasture and undesirable emergent and floating aquatic vegetation; perfect for transitional areas between aquatic and terrestrial sites. It may also be applied as basal bark and stem procedures in noncropland areas.

Same Active ingredient as Arsenal, Imazapyr 2SL, and Polaris

How Ecomazapyr 2SL Works

Ecomazapyr 2SL is absorbed through the foliage or roots and travels throughout the plant. Ecomazapyr 2 SL begins to kill undesirable weeds after application, but may take a couple of weeks to completely kill the weed and months to completely kill some brush, woody plnats and trees.

As a post-emergent herbicide, Ecomazapyr 2 SL controls many perennial and annual grasses, broadleaf weeds, many brush and vine species. Where treated with Ecomazapyr 2 SL, it will help labeled weeds from germinating due to its residual control.

For best results in post-emergent applcation, use a surfactant, particularly against perennial weeds and weeds should be actively growing.

Ecomazapyr 2 SL with Imazapyr will sterilize the ground where applied. Do not apply near desirable plants and trees, keeping double the drip line away from trees.


Top Features

  • Long term control
  • Aqueaous solution
  • Rapidly breaks down and dissipates in aquatic systems
  • Lower use rates minimizing load on the environment
  • Broad spectrum contol of invasive, emergent, and wood wetland areas
  • Rapid translocation throughout leaves and stems of targeted plants
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Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Ecomazapyr 2 SL Herbicide controls grassy, brush and broadleaf weeds.

  • Alligatorweed
  • Giant Reed
  • Cattail
  • Nightshade
  • Cogongrass
  • Water lily
  • Brazlian pepper
  • And more listed weeds
Active Ingredient (s) Isopropylamine salt of Imazapyr 27.8%
For Use :
  • unimproved industrial non-cropland Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass
  • industrial non-cropland areas such as railroad, utility, pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, transmission lines, fence rows
  • storage areas
    around commercial and industrial building perimeters
  • non-irrigation ditch banks
  • access roads
  • airfields
  • airports
  • industrial bare ground areas
  • under paved surfaces.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
  • 2-6 pints (most 2-4 pints) per acre depending on the target weeds and density (see label for specific uses and rates)
  • Coverage varies depending on application but not to exceed 6 pints per acre per year. Thoroughly mix and apply the specified amount of Alligare Ecomazapyr 2 SL in 5 to 100 gallons of water per acre.
  • Use a nonionic surfactant to enhance weed control.
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions
  • Do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 48 hours.
  • PPE required for early entry to treated areas that is permitted under the Worker Protection Standard and that involves contact with anything that has been treated, such as plants, soil, or water, is:
  • Coveralls
  • Shoes plus socks
  • Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material
  • Protective eyewear

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