Final Soft Bait (With Lumitrack)

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Final Soft Bait (With Lumitrack)
Final Soft Bait (With Lumitrack)
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Final in a soft bait form provides a fast acceptance by rodents. It is made of a food matrix of fats and proteins, and works very well with rodents who are use to eating fatting foods.

Final Soft Bait, like it's cousin Final Blox is a single feed bait with Brodifacoum.


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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

Bell Lab's Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack is going to be a game changer in the rodent control industry. Final Soft Bait should be used in bait stations inside. It can be used outside but depending where you live you could have a mold problem.

Just got word from a long time customer in the poultry industry. Tom said," the mice ate the bait better than any other mice bait he has tried."

*California has placed all second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in a restricted use category. Once Final Soft Bait and Contrac Soft Bait are registered in California, we may sell it to pest control operators only. Other single feed baits (non anticoagulants), such as Top Gun, Fastrac, and Terad3 are available in all states. )

Product Information

Final Soft Bait - High Bait Acceptance & Long Term Baiting Programs

Final Soft Bait, a new rodent bait by Bell Labs is a highly palatable rodent bait. Final Soft Bait has a quick acceptance by both rats and mice. It is made of a food matrix of fats and proteins and works very well with rodents who are accustomed to fatty foods. Besides its huge acceptability, Final Soft Bait is mold resistant, heat-resistant and will not freeze or become brittle.

Final Soft Bait, like its cousin Final Blox, is a single feed bait with Brodifacoum, making it highly effective in small doses. This anticoagulant rodenticide has a lower toxic level than other Final products. The 15g bait sachets will allow fewer bait placements than soft baits with 10g sachets. Each sachet has an extruded hole in the center allowing this bait to be placed securely in bait stations with rods. This soft rodent bait is designed to attract and keep the rodent's attraction and interest and works well in long term baiting programs.

Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack

The addition of Lumitrack causes the droppings from the rodents to glow a bright green under UV lighting, giving you increased ability to inspect and detect rodent activity. This is particularly helpful in crowded or dark areas where the excrement may not be detected.

To make inspection fast and easy, we carry an UV Tracker Light .Using Amber Glasses with the UV tracking light, makes seeing the glowing rodent feces easier.


Bell Lab's Final Soft Bait Features

  • Very high bait acceptance by both mice and rats
  • Single Feed Bait- rodents may consume a lethal dose in one night's feeding; first dead rodents appearing five or six days after feeding begins.
  • Has a center hole in each sachet for rodding baits in bait stations
  • 50% more bait per sachet ( 15 gm vs 10 gm )
  • Lower toxicity (0.0025% formulation)
  • Works well in long term baiting scenarios; sustained palatablity
  • Won't freeze and hold up well in high temperatures
  • EPA #12455-139
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Target Pest Kills warfarin resistant Norway Rats and House Mice
Active Ingredient (s) Brodifacoum 0.0025%
For Use :
  • Final Soft Bait may be used within 100 feet of man made structures including homes, permanent or temporay residencs, food processing facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, trash receptacles, agricultural and public buildings, transport vehcicles, docks and port of terminal buildings and related structures .
  • Final Soft Bait may not be used as fence and perimeter baiting beyond 100 feet from a structure. It may be used in alleys. Do not use directly to food or feed crops.
  • Use tamper resistant bait stations when used in USDA inspected facilities.
  • Final Soft Bait may not be used as burrow rodent bait.
Yield 16 lbs ( about 483 x 15g sachets)
Mixture|Application Place sachets in infested areas.

Determine Where To Treat

After an inspection for rat activity or mouse activity, you can determine where to place Final Soft Bait. Typical areas are along baseboards, concealed locations, in corners, walls, beside burrows, between walls and floors and other areas where rodent activity as been sighted.

Placement of Final Soft Bait

After removing as much alternative sources of food as possible, begin bait placement. It is important to use tamper resistant bait stations to protect from rain and snow and to keep children and pets away from this rodent bait.

Rats: Place 6-28 Final Soft Bait sachets at intervals of 15-30 feet in the area of rat infested areas. Keep the supply of bait maintained for 10 days or until the rat activity as ceased.

Mice: Place 1 Final Soft Bait sachet per placement and spread them out at 8-12 foot intervals in mouse infested areas. If there is an area of high mice activity, use up to 3 sachets per placement. Keep supplying fresh bait for at least 15 days or until mice activity signs have disappeared.

Clean Up : If Final Soft Bait is spoiled or contaminated, replace immediately. Dispose of left over bait and dead rodents using gloves.

Prevention:  If order to prevent further rodent infestations, limit their sources of harborages, water and  food  as much as possible.

Retreatment Repeat if reinfestaiton occurs
Shipping Restrictions CA

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