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Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System - (grill)
Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System - (grill)
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Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System - (screened)
Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System - (screened)
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Product Information

Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap Control System

Vector Plasma Fly Lights come in two different models( Vector Plasma Grill and Vector Plasma Screen) and is used in many back of house areas, restaurants and commercial kitchens. With Vector Plasma Fly Light, achieve rapid fly control with this fast-acting unit. The Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72-watts of insect attraction. The Lift & Service cover makes service and maintenance a snap.

Whitmire Micro-Gen developed the Vector Plasma as the brightest wall mounted trap on the market with the quickest catch rate.

The extruded aluminum construction is both durable and great looking. The Vector Plasma Fly Light can be used for monitoring insect populations and can be placed in food handling areas.

Each Vector Plasma fly light trap utilizes ultraviolet light to lure the insect to the trap where it becomes trapped onto a glue surface. There are no exploding of insect parts, the flying insects are trapped fully intact.

The Vector Plasma is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive areas and locations with heavy fly pressure. Sensitive areas with a zero tolerance for flies will appreciate the quick catch stemming from the high UV output (72-watts). Areas with high fly pressure will see quick relief and reap the benefits of two high-capacity black camouflaged glueboards.

Vector meets all PDA and USDA guidelines and it may be placed in and around food preparation areas. Refer to Section 6-202.13 (B) of the 1993 Food Code

Top Features

  • Dual glueboards provide maximum catch area
  • Ideal for use in food processing, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses and schools
  • Grilled cover model is ideal for quick and easy inspection
  • Screened cover model is used for hidden glueboards.

Will fit:

  • Gardner GT 200
  • Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger
  • Gilbert 225GT Sticky Fox
  • Gilbert 747GT Sticky Bear
  • Mantis Upright
  • Mantis 1x2
  • Mantis 2x2
  • B&G Matrix
  • All Vector traps : Universal glue board designed for use with three PT brand Vector fly traps: PT brand Vector Classic, PT brand Vector Nova, PT brand Vector Super Nova


Vector Plasma STD (Standard) 36WT Bulb and Shatterproof Bulbs


Vector Plasma Replacement Bulb - 36 Watt - (20-1081)

Vector Plasma Sleeved Bulbs 36 Watt (20-1082)(Shatterproof)

Twice as bright as the 17 Watt Vector Classic Replacement Bulb

Attract more flies and flying insects.

Bulbs should be replaced every 12 months as the amount of UV light diminishes over time.

PT 907 Vector Glue Board Universal

  • Fits back and bottom board areas of large insect light traps
  • Designed to split in two for smaller insect light traps
  • Lowers inventory cost because it eliminates the need to carry several types of replacement glueboards
  • Grid lines for convenient counting of captured insects
Packaging Screened type and Grill type
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Guidelines for Placement of the Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap

  • Installation Options: Wall-Horizontally, Wall-Vertically, Wall-Corner, or Counter Top
  • Place the Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap close to an opening, but avoid placement where outside light may interfere with attraction.
  • Install the Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap where insect interception is most probable.
  • Place the Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap so that the light from it is not visible from the outside of the building.
  • Mount the Vector within four to six feet of the floor wherever possible.
  • Do not install the Vector directly next to competing for light sources.
  • Always keep in mind to look where flies congregate. This is where the Vector will be most effective.
  • For example, place Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap in these areas:
       * Near food prep areas where food is readily available(avoid installing     directly over food prep surfaces)
       * Near passages from food prep areas to public areas
        *Around indoor trash near dumpsters and compactors
       *Identify natural wind current to ensure the fly can reach the Vector.
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