Fung-onil Fungicide (Ready-to-Use)

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Fung-onil Fungicide (Ready-to-Use)
Fung-onil Fungicide (Ready-to-Use)
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Product Information

Fung-onil Fungicide-Protects Plants

Safeguard the plants in your garden from fungi with the Fung-onil ready-to-use fungicide.

Multi-Purpose Fungicide

Bonide's Fung-onil Multi-Purpose Fungicide offers a reliable solution to fungal diseases in your garden. Its active ingredient, chlorothalonil, is highly effective in preventing many common fungal diseases that affect plants. With its broad-spectrum formula, this fungicide is ideal for controlling and stopping a host of garden diseases such as leaf spot, rust, blight, rot, mildew scab, and mold.

Versatile and No-Mixing Required

Its versatility enables you to use it on various plants, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, trees, flowers, and shrubs. This solution comes in a convenient trigger sprayer bottle that requires no prior preparation. Shake well before use and apply to affected plants. For complete instructions on usage, refer to the product label.

Top Features

  • Broad spectrum fungicide for gardens
  • Controls leaf spots, rust, blights, fruit rot and more listed diseases
  • For use on roses, flowers, vegetables, fruit & shade trees
  • Multi-purpose fungicide, for control of plant disease
Packaging RTU (32 oz)
Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Controls diseases: leaf spots, rust, blights, fruit rots, mildews, scab, mold, etc.

Active Ingredient (s) Chlorothalonil 00.087%
For Use :

Vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, shrubs, trees

Yield N/A
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  • Shake well before using
  • Vegetable Diseases: Spray foliage to the point of runoff. Repeat 7-14 day intervals. Use the shorter spray schedule during severe disease condtions or wet weather unless other stated on the label.
  • Fruit Diseases: Apply full coverage spray to the point of runoff thoroughly cover tree canopy including underside of leaves.
  • Ornamental Diseases: Spray foliage to the point of runoff. Begin applications as directed for each species and diseases listed on the label and repeat on a 7-14 day schedule until conditions are no longer favorable for disease development. Use the shorter schedule with severe disease or wet weather.
  • See label for all details and restrictions.



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