What can I spray to get rid of Palmetto bugs in a house?

This guideline reviews how to get rid of palmetto bugs and "water bugs".

Palmetto bug is a common name associated with American cockroaches and Smokey Brown cockroaches. These roaches are also sometimes referred to as "water bugs". Palmetto bugs typically enter houses through open doors and windows, and through unsealed cracks and crevices on the structure. The cracks and crevices can be anywhere along the house structure including the roof. If the roach is an American or Smokey Brown, you will generally only see one or two running around at any given time.

The easiest treatment method for getting rid of palmetto bugs is to spray the house with a broad spectrum insecticide such as Avesta SC. Best results are achieved by spraying the exterior walls of the structure including the foundation. On the interior, spray in the cracks and crevices throughout the house. If the roaches are coming from the attic, it is important to treat any areas in the house that are accessible from the attic and or treat the interior of the attic.

Review the article How to Get Rid of Roaches for more detailed information on identifying types of roaches and alternate treatment methods.

Note: If you have german roaches instead of Palmetto bugs, there are different roach treatment methods required to solve the problem. German roaches are small roaches that breed indoors and are often found in large numbers around kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, etc.

Written by our resident pest control expert Ken Martin.

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