Alligare Imox Herbicide

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Alligare Imox Herbicide

Imox Herbicide with 12.1% Imazamox (same as Clearcast) is a selective herbicide that provides effective control of vegetation around aquatic environments. These include problematic shoreline, floating, emerged, and submersed aquatic plants. Use Imox around ponds, lakes, rivers, golf course lakes, irrigation canals, and ditches.

  • Imox Herbicide - 12.1% Imazamox
  • Effective herbicide option for pre- and post-emergent control on problematic terrestrial weeds
  • Provides good selectivity for non-target species when controlling invasive aquatic & terrestrial weeds
  • Tank mix friendly formulation can be used alone or in combination with other herbicides to combat resistance
      Common Tank-Mix Partners:
    • 2,4-D
    • Flumioxazin
    • Glyphosate
    • Triclopyr
  • No grazing or haying restrictions, Minimal irrigation restrictions
  • Suppresses most grass species at low rates
  • See label for mixing rates.

Use Tips / For Best Results:

  • To enhance foliar applications on emergent and floating weeds, always use an adjuvant (MSO works best)
  • When surface-matted conditions exist, inject Imox Herbicide below the water surface to improve product distribution and efficacy
  • Adjuvants: For applications of Alligare IMOX Herbicide to emergent, floating or shoreline species, use of a spray adjuvant is required. The spray adjuvant used needs to be appropriate for aquatic sites
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Target Pest
  • Aquatic/Riparian Weeds: Alligator weed, America pondweed, American lotus, Arrowhead, Bladderwort, Cattail, Chinese tallowtree ,Common reed, Common salvinia ,Curlyleaf pondweed, Eurasian watermilfoil,Floating heart, Floating pennywort, Flowering rush, Frog’s bit, Sponge plant, Giant cane, Hydrilla, Japanese knotweed, Mexican lily, Mosquito fern, Parrotfeather, Sago pondweed, Saltcedar, Spike rush, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Water lily, Water primrose
  • Terrestrial Weeds: Annual ryegrass, Chickweed, common, Cocklebur common, Filaree redstem, Filaree whitestem, Hoary cress, Johnsongrass, rhizome , Johnsongrass, seedling, Knotweed prostrate, Lambsquarters, common Lettuce miner’s, Mallow common, Mallow Venice, Mustard spp, Nettle burning, Nightshade black, Nightshade, Eastern black Nightshade, hairy Pigweed, prostrate Pigweed, redroot Pigweed, smooth Puncturvine Purslane, common Radish wild, Ragweed common, Ragweed giant, Rocket London, Rocket yellow, Saltcedar, Sedge purple, Sedge yellow, Spike rush, Sunflower common, Thistle Russian, Tropical soda apple
  • See label for the complete list
Active Ingredient (s) 12.1% Imazamox -
For Use :
  • Irrigation & Drainage Canals
  • Lakes
  • Marshes
  • Ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Wetlands
  • Swamps
  • Ditch Banks
  • Industrial Sites
  • Fence Rows
  • Rights-of-Ways
  • Industrial Non-Croplands
  • Wildlife Openings (Including grazed areas on all these sites.
  • Application can be made to these sites during draw down conditions.)
Yield N/A
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Shipping Restrictions NY
More Instructions


  • DO NOT apply more than 1 pound of imazamox acid equivalent (1 gallon) per acre per year.
  • DO NOT exceed 2 applications of Alligare IMOX Herbicide per year.
  • Minimum Retreatment Interval: 14 days


  • DO NOT exceed maximum use rate per application: Water treatment - 500 parts per billion (ppb) (173 fluid ounces of Alligare IMOX Herbicide (1.35 pounds of imazamox acid equivalent) per acre foot)
  • Foliar broadcast application - 1 gallon Alligare IMOX Herbicide per acre (1.0 pound of imazamox acid equivalent) per acre
  • Foliar spot application - up to 5% v/v Alligare IMOX Herbicide Minimum Retreatment Intervals: Water treatment - 14 days; unless the retreatment is following an initial water column application that has failed to maintain the original targeted ppb concentration.
  • Foliar broadcast applications – 14 days Foliar spot applications –
  • Retreat as needed

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