Invade Mop Clean - Pouches

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Invade Mop Clean - Pouches
Invade Mop Clean - Pouches
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The effective Invade Mop Clean is now packaged in convenient pouches for mopping.


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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

The whole idea of drain treatments such as Invade Mop Clean is to clean organic build up from drains to provide improved sanitation as part of integrated pest management. Good sanitation coupled with microbe treatment will help achieve this goal. To kill flies emerging from food souce you will need either a space spray such as  Stryker 54 Aerosol or CB-80 . If you have a commercial kitchen check out our line of fly lights.

Product Information

Rockwell Lab's Invade Mop Clean - Probiotic Pouches

Invade Mop Clean is a mixture of microbes, citrus oil and other cleaners for hard surface cleaning.

Invade Mop Clean Pouches are packaged into ore measured 4 fl oz pouches, the perfect amount for a standard mop bucket. Invade Mop Clean is designed to get into cracks in floor tiles, baseboards, and drains to get rid of organic debris and odors.

Standard mopping cleans but also tends to push small bits of food and organic matter into cracks, crevices and voids where it builds up causing sanitation problems. Sanitation is part of an integrated pest management program. Invade Mop Clean is designed to eat away the organic buildup as you mop with natural soil derived microbes.

How To Use Invade Mop Clean

This green product may be used daily and has a no rinse formula. It should be allowed to dry and not wiped away.

These powerful probiotic microbes eat scum at the source.

One pouch is also perfect for non-floor surface cleaning such as counters and urinals, mixed in a one quart spray bottle.

Packaging 4 oz
Product Label Product Label
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Target Pest Organic debris and scum
Active Ingredient (s) Probiotics , microbes
For Use : Ideal in commercial kitchens : Mop floors and spray hard surface areas such as counters, behind bars and urinals .
Yield 4 oz-one standard mop bucket (2-4 gallons), or spraying 4 oz yields one quart.
Mixture|Application Mopping: Pour one pouch in mop bucket ( 2-4 gallons) warm water (not scalding hot). For spraying directly , use one pouch in a quart bottle until damp.
Retreatment Daily mopping in commercial kitchens or as needed in spraying directly.
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More Instructions

More Information

No other cleaners are needed. After mopping, pour remaining mop water in drains. For best results, use daily. For nonfloor surface cleaning such as urinals, under counters, and behind bars, pour one pouch in a one quart spray bottle and dilute with water. Spray scummy areas until damp. Do NOT rinse treated areas or use bleach, caustic cleaners or disinfectants in mop or spray water. Do not apply to direct food contact surfaces.

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