Kaput Mole Gel

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Kaput Mole Gel
Kaput Mole Gel
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Kaput Mole Bait-Easy To Use

Kaput Mole Gel Bait is a safe and efficient option for controlling a variety of moles, including eastern moles, starnose moles, hairy-tailed moles, coast moles, broad-footed moles, and Townsend moles on grassy areas like lawns, turf, and golf courses.

To make it easier for users, the syringe is marked with the correct dose that must be injected into the burrow each time. When Kaput Mole Gel is injected into the tunnels, it looks like the mole's natural food source, such as worms and grubs. Unlike worm-like baits, the mole cannot push Kaput Mole Gel out of the burrow.

Warfarin-Safe and Effective

The gel bait contains warfarin, an effective anticoagulant with low environmental and secondary toxicity. It is one of the safest active ingredients used in rodenticides, given its effectiveness against rodents at extremely low concentrations.

The warfarin in Kaput Mole Bait is a blood thinner anticoagulant, effectively managing moles without raising suspicion or triggering their cautious instincts toward the bait. Unlike other solid baits, detaching this product from its location is impossible, which enhances its longevity and efficacy.


Kaput Mole Gel Bait must be applied directly into active mole burrow systems.

Identify:To begin treatment, it is important to identify which burrow systems are active. A round-ended wood rod, like a broomstick, can probe the ground near conical mounds or surface ridges until a sudden decrease in resistance against the probe detects the main underground runway. The open burrow systems should be marked and revisited 2-3 days later.

Deeper Tunnels: Open the burrow system with a shovel and leave it open for deeper tunnels. The active burrow systems are often plugged by moles, so it is important only to treat the active ones.

  • Locate the main runways by probing and removing the cap from the applicator's syringe tip.
  • Turn the dosing ring to mark indicating half an ounce and inject half an ounce of bait through the probe or shoveled opening at each bait placement location.
  • Make six such placements per burrow system.
  • Cover the holes made to enter the tunnel with sod and soil, but be careful not to allow dirt to sift in and foul or cover the bait.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, it is important to follow up by inspecting the treated area 4-5 days after the bait application. Inspect by opening and marking burrows, similar to the method used for the initial activity check. Return to the site after 2-3 days and treat any active burrows to eliminate the problem.
Packaging 3oz Syringe (Each tube contains 6 treatments)
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Target Pest

Moles : Eastern moles, starnose moles, hairy-tailed moles, coast moles, broad-footed moles, and Townsend moles

Active Ingredient (s) Warfarin 0.025%
For Use :
  • Lawns, Turf and Golf Courses
  • Treat only active mole burrow system.  
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To eliminate mole activity, it is necessary first to determine the layout of active burrow systems and locate the main runways. Then, twist the dosing ring to set the proper dosage. Inject 1/2 oz of bait per placement into the tunnel, making up to six placements per burrow system. Reapplying bait every two to three days is essential until mole activity ceases.

Retreatment Reapply bait every 2-3 days until mole activity ceases.
Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, CO, ME, NC
More Instructions
  • If unopened and sealed, the product will last 2-3 years if kept away from extreme temperatures. Once opened and properly resealed, the product should last a year in normal conditions.
  • In cases of accidental ingestion by children or pets, Vitamin K1 is a readily available antidote, unlike worm-like baits.

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