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Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top
  • Buy 2 for $22.50 each and save 8%
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top  ( Case of 12 )
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top ( Case of 12 )
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Solid Top
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Solid Top
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Ketch All Mouse Trap - Solid Top ( Case of 12 )
Ketch All Mouse Trap - Solid Top ( Case of 12 )
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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

Unlike most of the repeating mouse traps, the Ketch All Mouse Trap is made in the U.S.A., in part, by people with disabilities. By far, this multiple mouse trap is the best wind up style on the market. However, if you want to choose a humane trap, the Ketch All Mouse Trap may not be the best choice. Often times the force of the trip plate will kill the mouse.
The truely humane traps would be the Tin Cat Mouse Trap, the Pro-Ketch Junior Mouse Trap, or the Kness Tip Trap. Always handle traps with fecal material present with caution.

Product Information

Ketch All Mouse Trap (Model #101-0-027)-Top Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Catch trap - Holds up to 15 mice
  • Durable-galvanized steel
  • Clear Flex Lid for easy inspection
  • Optional add on accessory of solid lid when clear inspection is not critical.
  • Time tested since 1924
  • Made in USA

made in USA

Sure-Set Simply wind the knob on the trap until it stops. Equalizes trap sensitivity. No need to unwind and reset traps. Bait/Lure is not necessary but it can speed up the process. We recommend Provoke Mouse Attractant. The hardest mouse to get to go in the trap is the first one. Once a mouse is in the trap his smell will attract more mice. Once the trap has been wound it will trigger about a dozen times or so before it has to be rewound. Trap is always properly wound. Catches mice of all sizes and shapes. Saves time for the technicians. Safe for user and our environment.
Unique design No harmful chemicals, baits or poisons. Appeals to mouse's harborage instincts. Safe for user and our environment. No possible contamination of products in production areas.
Clear View Lid Easy to monitor. Reduces inspection time.
Multiple Catch Trap works 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Peace of mind knowing you always have protection.
Removable end plate and lid Easy to clean. Greater sanitation.
Quality construction Durable galvanized steel. Years of usage.
Easy to clean.
Time tested since 1924 All KETCH-ALLs are backed by a year limited warranty for parts and labor when used as directed. Trustworthy, Reliable and Dependable.
Packaging Single Units or Case of 12
Product Label Placement Instructions
SDS Brochure-English
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Target Pest


Active Ingredient (s) Galvanized Steel
For Use :

Inside or Outside

Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A


step2 ketch all steps

The KETCH-ALL needs no bait and catches multiple mice in one setting. Wind the trap 6 to 8 half (180 degree) turns. Trap is properly set.

Ketch All - Step 2

Place the KETCH-ALL 1 1/2" to 2" parallel to the wall or set perpendicular to a wall in a space where mice are known to travel.

Ketch All - Step 3

The KETCH-ALL needs no bait and catches multiple mice in one setting.

Ketch All - Step 4

Simply slide back the top lid, pull up the end plate and dispose of the mice.

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More Instructions
  • This galvanized trap may be placed in a container of water to eliminate any live mice. The trap should remain immersed for approximately 5 minutes. Mice may then be disposed by sliding the door open or remove the end door and disposing the mice.
  • One thing is common with new traps though is that the hardest mouse to get into the trap is the first one. Usually once the smell of a mouse is in the trap, other mice will want to go in and investigate. I would still try to make sure the smell of mice is in that trap really strong. I put down a piece of newspaper about the size of half a sheet of notebook paper in an area where the mice have been active. Place some peanut butter or other food in the center and let the mice eat it. Now their smell will be on the newspaper, and it can be inserted into the trap to increase its attractiveness to the mice. Another trick is to find some mouse droppings and place them in the trap. Always make sure the trap is positioned where both openings are close to a wall and behind a piece of furniture or an appliance. It will make the mice feel much less vulnerable if the trap is not out in the open.

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