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Chapin Sprayers located in Batavia, NY have long been an industry standard for over 100 years. This made in USA company manufactures high quality sprayers for several industries including the home and garden industry, the pest control industry, concrete industry, the cleaning/degreasing industry, the deck/siding industry, the farm/agriculture industry, the turf/landscape industry and the janitorial/sanitation industry. Chapin sprayers have had a high product quality standard among these various industries.

The various Chapin pressurized sprayers have been manufactured for various uses and tasks. Some Chapin sprayers are task specific, and some sprayers have various applications. Chapin sprayers are not only made for pesticide use, but also may be used to spray herbicides, fertilizers, staining chemicals, cleaning products, degreasing, sealant applications, and spraying concrete additives and many more applications.

We carry the popular Chapin Premier Series for the homeowner, Chapin backpack sprayers for the home owner and landscape professional, Chapin stainless steel sprayers for industrial industries, concrete sprayers, degreaser sprayers and foamers.

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