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JT Eaton

JT Eaton's Foundation

As a distributor of JT Eaton's, we are excited about their innovations and concern for the environment. JT Eaton was founded over eighty years ago. Mr Stanley Z Baker purchased the company in 1949.

Stanley Z Baker-Innovations

As an innovator, Mr. Stanley Baker invented and developed the "paraffin bait block", known as Eaton's Bait Blocks. The block or blox form has been an industry standard since then. The paraffin makes the bait weather resistant. Another innovation occurred in 1979. Mr. Baker developed the modern glue board used today in rodent and insect control. In 1999, he also developed a roach and ant bait that used just 1 percent of boric acid, increasing its effectiveness. JT Eaton has most recently developed a Bed Bug System of insecticides that are safe and effective.

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Envionmental Concerns

JT. Eaton is also committed to a wide range of effective and quality products with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods. Integrated Pest Management uses many methods of pest control other than pesticides for safer environmental standards.

JT Eaton Today

JT Eaton is a third-generation family-run business based in Ohio. They run the Stanley Z Baker Foundation which is to create scholarships for college students who want to enter the pest control field. This foundation also is committed to helping non-profits with donated products.

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