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JT Eaton Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Trap (Solid Lid ) # 420
JT Eaton Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Trap (Solid Lid ) # 420
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Repeater Multiple-Catch Mouse Trap (Clear Top) # 420CL
Repeater Multiple-Catch Mouse Trap (Clear Top) # 420CL
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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
Do's Place trap along the mice travel areas. That is along walls and edges. For best results place a glue board in there. That insures that the mouse will not figure out how to escape. I like to place a some mice fecal material inside the trap because mice like to be where mice have been. Don't put bait inside the station. This makes the mouse comfortable and they might figure out how to escape.

Product Information

JT Eaton Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Traps( Solid #420 and Clear Top 420CL)

JT Eaton's Repeater Mouse Trap is a galvanized steel multi catch trap that catches up to 30 mice at a time, discreetly. It is a low profile trap that easily fits under pallets, equipment and furniture.

This mice trap is a standard in many industrial locations such as warehouses and loading docks as well as retail and home locations. This FDA and USDA approved trap is easy to inspect and clean. They provide excellent maintenance control in commercial establishments, such as restaurants, processing plants, storage rooms and all warehousing.

Repeater Mouse Trap Uses

  • If this Repeater Mouse Trap is used without a glue board, it is a humane trap. Simply open the lid and let the mice out.
  • Use JT Eaton's Glue Board, #166 if you want to catch the mice on a glue board for easy disposal. Using glue boards will expedite inspections and mouse removal. Inserted glue boards can save time and labor.

How to Place Repeater Mouse Trap

Place JT Eaton's Repeater Trap where mice activity has been noted. Also place this mulitple mice trap in potential areas where mice may enter (next to exterior doors). It is best to place it where the entry hole is parallel to the wall or object, but will also work if the entry hole is postitioned perpendicularly.

How Repeater Mouse Trap Works

The mice are curious and enter the entrance looking for harborage, once inside the trap they can not leave. A lure such as peanut butter may be used, but is not necessary.

Top Features

  • Compatible with 166 glue boards and has a solid steel lid
  • Catches and holds a maximum of 30 mice at one time with no bait needed
  • Low-profile design is perfect for discreet spaces, underneath furniture and equipment
  • Can be used in FDA and USDA inspected plants
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Trapping Tips

  • Put down a piece of newspaper about the size of half a sheet of notebook paper in an area where the mice have been active. Place some peanut butter or other food in the center and let the mice eat it. Now their smell will be in the newspaper, and it can be inserted into the trap to increase its attractiveness to the mice.
  • Another trick is to find some mouse droppings and place them in the trap. Always position the trap where both openings are close to a wall and hidden. Place it behind a piece of furniture or an appliance. It will make the mice feel much less vulnerable if the trap is not out in the open.

One thing that is common with new traps is that the hardest mouse to get into the trap is the first one. Once the smell of a mouse is in the trap, other mice will want to go in and investigate.

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