MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station

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MBS1 Mouse Bait Station
MBS1 Mouse Bait Station
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(Case ) MBS1 (12) Mouse Bait Stations
(Case ) MBS1 (12) Mouse Bait Stations
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The MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station has been improved. Now it can be used for insects by way of the removable/reusable insect tray. Bait both mice and insects with the same station. Optional insect tray can be used with granular and gel bait. The MBS is made of 100% recycled injection-molded plastic, small, compact, economical, easy to operate and easy to clean. This station is used for control of mice in residential and commercial applications and be used indoor or outdoor. This compact, durable station has a smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is designed with a durable hinge design for extended durability and reliability. It has a spring-loaded locking mechanism for easy closing and opening. This compact design allows the station to fit into tight spaces, either vertically or horizontally. The interior, specifically the bait area, is designed with raised edges to keep water out. The MBS works with soft bait and comes standard with a metal bait rod which locks securely into the station, service label and VM’s universal gray key. The station measures 4.75”x1.25”x3.75” Only 1 key is provided per order. You can purchase additional Keys separately.

Product Information

MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station

MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station is a compact size to hold bait for mice control. Its compact design (4.75" x 3.75" x 1.25") is perfect to fit into tight spaces, either horizontally or vertically. It is made with 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with a five year UV additive.

MBS -1 Mouse Bait Station has a locking lid and comes with a metal bait rod that securely locks into the station to hold rodent bait such as blox form, pelleted bait, and soft bait. This bait station protects bait from weather and may be placed both indoors or outdoors.

This easy to operate mouse bait station may be also double as an insect bait station with its optional insect tray. Use MBS Mouse Bait station in both residential and commercial settings.


universal key MBS-1 Mouse Bait Stations are sold in single units or case units. There is one key per case or one key per order. For example, if you purchase 2 single units, you will receive just one key. Extra keys may be purchased separately.




Top Features and Benefits

  • 100% recycled injection-molded plastic
  • Large bait area that accommodates most baits and easy to clean
  • No unnecessary voids prevents harborage for insects and unwanted water for pooling, which could lead to mold
  • Drain holes keeps water out of station
  • Spring-loaded locking mechanism for easy opening and closing.
  • Durable hinge design for extended durability
  • Raised edges to limit unwanted entry
  • Compact design for tight spaces with curved design
  • Metal rod securely locks bait into place; holds soft bait in place
  • Uses universal key for all VM products (uses same key as FBS Fly Bait Stations and EZ Kean Rodent Bait Stations
  • Made in USA
  • May be used in LEED certified structures

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Target Pest Mice and Insects
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For Use :
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Indoors or Outdoors
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