Precor 2625 Premise Spray

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Precor 2625 Premise Spray
Precor 2625 Premise Spray
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Product Information

Precor 2625 Premise Spray (2625 square feet of coverage) is a one-of-a-kind water-based aerosol. Precor 2625 Premise Spray contains active ingredients that kill adult fleas and other insects (Etofenprox) as well as an Insect Growth Regulator (Methoprene) to disrupt the fleas' life cycle. It not only has a long residual activity (up to seven months), but it also contains a combination of ingredients (tetramethrin and pyrethrin) for a quick knockdown.

Precor 2625 kills insects like fleas and bed bugs quickly, has long-lasting effects, and prevents insects from growing, breaking their life cycle.

Broad Uses and Types of Applications

Precor 2625 is a broad-spectrum insecticide that kills fleas, carpenter ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, and other pests.

It can be used both inside and outside to treat surfaces, spots, cracks and crevices, and voids. It has a 360-degree valve that allows it to be used in both inverted and upright positions.


  • Covers 2625 sq ft
  • Broad label treats a variety of nuisance pests
  • Intended for broadcast as well as crack and crevice applications
  • Residual action for four weeks to kill adult insects
  • Protection against developing flea larvae for more than 200 days
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Target Pest

Argentine Ants, Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Black Widow Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Cockroaches, Crickets, Dust Mites, Earwigs, Fire Ants, Fleas, Flies, Flour Beetles, Mole Crickets, Saw-toothed Grain Beetles, Sowbugs, Spiders, Stink Bugs, Ticks, Wasps, and Yellow Jackets.

Active Ingredient (s) Etofenprox - 1.00%
Tetramethrin- 0.25%
Pyrethrins - 0.15%
Piperonyl Butoxide* - 1.50%
(S)-Methoprene - 0.09%
For Use :

Buildings and Structures, Including Residential Homes, Apartments, Garages, Kennels, Non-Food/Feed Areas of Hotels, Motels, Commercial, Industrial, or Office Buildings. Also on Pet Bedding, Furniture, and Other Inanimate Objects Infested with Fleas.

Yield Coverage: 2625 sq ft
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Indoors: To spray Precor 2625, point the nozzle away from you. It can be used for surface, spot, crack and crevice, or void treatment. For crack and crevice applications, spray at 2 seconds per linear foot. For spot applications, treat the surface until slightly wet. The 360º valve allows for upright or upside-down spraying. Repeat treatments no more than once every 14 days.

Flea Infestations: For flea infestations, Precor 2625 treats 2625 sq ft. Hold the container upside down, 2-3 feet from the surface, point the actuator toward the surface, and push the button. Apply a light uniform spray to all surfaces of furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and on and around all pet resting areas.

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More Instructions

IMPORTANT: Keep people and pets out of certain areas during treatment. Do not apply directly to pets or animals. Vacate the room after treatment, and ventilate until surfaces are dry before reoccupying. To eliminate fleas and ticks on your pets, use only products approved for such uses.

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