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Please consider Abamectin 0.15 EC as an alternative.
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ABBA CS-  Qt | Compare to Timectin
ABBA CS- Qt | Compare to Timectin
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Product Information

Quali-Pro ABBA CS - Miticide/Insecticide

ABBA CS, with Abamectin provides excellent control of a broad spectrum of leafminers, mites and other pests. It may be used for agricultural and commercial use. It is labeled for use on ornamental plants in greenhouses and shade houses, on foliage plants, woody ornamentals and Christmas trees.

Compare to Timectin with Abamectin 1.9%

Quali-Pro ABBA CS

ABBA CS has the active ingredient, Abamectin 1.9%; a formulation that has an enhanced capsule suspension. ABBA CS uses the CapVantange technology to slowly release the active ingredient, providing 50% longer residual. ABBA CS is formulated with a matrix of thinner and thicker capsule walls. The thinner walls permit a quick release of Abamectin for a quick knockdown. The thicker walls in the ABBA CS matrix diffuse the Abamectin for a long period of time.


How ABBA CS Works

The insects and mites ingest the abamectin. This results in a quick paralysis and death.


ABBA CS -Featured Benefits

  • Can improve residual length up to 50%
  • Low odor
  • Reduces applicator exposure
  • Controls mites and leafminers
  • Suppresses aphids, whiteflies, and thrips
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Target Pest
  • Mites: European Red Mite, Two-spotted Spider Mite, Carmine Spider Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Tarsonemid Mites: Cyclamen & Broad Mites Eriophyid Mites: Rust and Bud Mites
  • Leafminer: Boxwood Leafminer, Liriomyza Leafminers
  • Aphids, Thrips, & Whiteflies
Active Ingredient (s) Abamectin... 1.9%
For Use : ABBA CS will control mites and leafminers, and suppress thrips, aphids, and whiteflies on the following ornamental plants: Greenhouse-, shadehouse- and field-grown ornamentals; foliage plants; Christmas trees and other woody ornamentals.
Yield 4-8 fl oz per 100 gals of water
Mixture|Application N/A
  • Mites: Use 4 oz per 100 gals of water. Tarsonemid mites may need multiple applications for control. Use a minimum of 8 oz per acre in 200-400 gals of water per acre.
  • Boxwood Leafminers: Use 8 oz per 100 gals of water. Apply when adults begin to lay eggs onto new foliage.
  • Liriomyza Leafminers: Repeat every week or as needed. Apply in 100-200 gals of water per acre. If water volume is less than 100 gals, use at least 8 oz per acre.
  • Aphids, Thrips and Whiteflies: Use 8 oz per 100 gals of water. Spray must contact young immatures.
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Use Restrictions

  • Do not use ABBA CS for suppressing thrips, whiteflies and aphids on gerbera, chrysanthemums, and roses
  • Do not use ABBA CS in citrus nurseries.

See label for more use restrictions

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