Riptide Insecticide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV

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Riptide Insecticide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV
Riptide Insecticide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV
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Product Information

Riptide Insecticide - High Performance

Riptide Insecticide is a water-based Pyrethrin ULV with new technology that effectively controls stored product pests, cockroaches, and biting Insects without oil residues and-related issues. Riptide Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV is an optimized formulation specially designed to deliver fast knockdown and kill of mosquitoes when used in residential misting systems. Riptide effectively controls mosquitoes and other flying insects and is easy on ornamental and landscape plants.

Riptide is one of the most popular choices for automatic misting systems to control mosquitoes, flies, etc. Riptide can be used indoors and outdoors. It kills biting insects, including ticks, mosquitoes, and flies. Riptide ULV Insecticide (5% Pyrethrin) is also cost-effective compared to other pyrethrin sprays.

Riptide Insecticide Application

  • 1 fl oz undiluted per 1000 cu.ft. of space.
  • 1/2 gal container mixes 55 gallons of water for mosquito misting systems.

Riptide Insecticide's Usages

Riptide can also be used as a ULV or space spray, contact spray, around home foundations, dried fruit product storage areas, stored food areas, on peanuts, nuts, beans, seeds in bulk, bags, or another packaging, in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, stored grains, on animals, treatment of outdoor annoyance pests, and more.

Packaging 1/2 gal
Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Use Riptide for all of these pests:
almond moths, Angoumois grain moths, ants, black flies, blood sucking lice, boxelder bugs, brown dog ticks, cadelles, carpet beetles, cereal beetles, cheese mites, cheese skippers, chocolate moths, cigarette beetles, clothes moths, clover mites, cockroaches, coffee bean weevils, confused flour beetles, crickets, dark mealworms, darkling beetles, deer flies, deer ticks, Dermestid beetles, dried fruit beetles, drugstore beetles, earwigs, face flies, firebrats, flat grain beetles, fleas, flies, fruit flies, gnats, grain mites, granary weevils, horn flies, hornets, horse flies, Indian meal moths, Khapra beetles, lesser grain borers, lesser house flies, Mediterranean flour moths, merchant grain beetles, midges, millers, millipedes, mosquitoes, flying moths, Palmetto bugs, pillbugs, red flour beetles, rice flour beetles, rusty grain beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, silverfish, skipper flies, spiders, spider beetles, stable flies, sowbugs, ticks, Ttcks that may carry and transmit Lyme disease, tobacco moths, Trogoderma beetles, warehouse beetles, wasps, waterbugs, yellowjackets, yellow mealworms

Active Ingredient (s) Pyrethrins..............5.0% , Piperonyl Butoxcide.........25.0%
For Use : For use in mosquito misting systems and fly misting systems. Riptide is pet and children safe, when used by directions.
Yield 1 fl oz undiluted per 1000 cu.ft. of space; 1/2 gallon container mixes in 55 gallons of water for use in mosquito misting systems
Mixture|Application N/A
Retreatment As needed
Shipping Restrictions NY or CT

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