Rat Glue Traps


Start tackling rat infestations with our high-quality rat glue traps. Specially designed to effectively capture and control rats, our glue traps offer a powerful and reliable method to keep your space rodent-free. Say goodbye to pesky rat problems as you trust in our innovative glue traps for rats, ensuring a clean and pest-free environment. Shop rat glue traps from DIY Pest Control.

Why Use Rat Glue Boards

Rat glue boards or rat glue traps are popular today in rodent control measures. We carry Bell Lab's Trapper Rat Glue Boards-Traps and Catchmaster Glue Boards-Traps. They can be used by themselves or with other control measures.

How to Place Rat Glue Boards

After inspecting for rodent activity, place the glue boards along their runways. Rodents use the walls for guidelines, so place the boards against the walls and baseboards.

Advantages of Rat Glue Boards-Traps

Glue Board traps require no setting, so they are easy to use.

Disadvantages of Rat Glue Boards-Traps

If the glue boards get dusty they can lose their effectiveness. Glue Boards can melt at extremely high temperatures. The Catchmaster Cold Weather Trap is perfect for coolers and warehouses with low temperatures

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