Shockwave Fogging Concentrate

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Shockwave Fogging Concentrate
Shockwave Fogging Concentrate
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Shockwave Fogging Concentrate delivers a devastating combination of two killing agents (Pyrethrum & Esfenvalerate), two synergists and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), resulting in the highest level of immediate control.


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Shockwave Fogging Concentrate is an amazing product! It gives quick results and residual action. It has dual synergists and a growth regulator to slow down the reproductive cycle of the insects. Great for hard to control pests!

Product Information

Shockwave Fogging Concentrate

Shockwave Fogging Concentrate, from McLaughlin Gormley King Company (MGK), delivers the highest level of immediate insect control in the toughest situations, due to the stopping power of its five active ingredients. These five ingredients include an IGR with a combination of killing insecticides and synergists to boost the effect.

  • For use indoors and outdoors as a ULV, space, area, contact spray or thermal fog for listed insects in areas specified on the label.
  • Contains insect growth regulator similar to the naturally occurring insect growth hormones that interfere with insect growth and development
  • For use in and around the home and food and non-food areas of food processing plants and food service establishments
  • Provides flushing action and quick knockdown, plus residual activity

How Shockwave Fogging Concentrate Works

Shockwave delivers a devastating combination of two killing agents (Pyrethrum & Esfenvalerate), two synergists (PBO & MGK 264) and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). The synergists disrupt the insects' ability to detoxify insecticides and the dual killing agents overwhelm the insects nervous system -- resulting in the highest level of immediate control. The IGR (pyriproxyfen) component interferes with later emerging insects' growth and development. The overwhelming force of the multiple modes of action may also reduce the likelihood of developing resistant populations.

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SDS SDS-English, SDS-Spanish
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Target Pest Kills over 75 kinds of pantry pests, crawling insects and flying insects (please refer to product label for list of insects)
Active Ingredient (s) Pyrethrins 1.0% , Piperonyl butoxide, Technical 2.0%,N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 3.0%, Esfenvalerate .2%,Pyridine 1.0%
For Use : Shockwave is labeled for use in and around food and non-food areas -- including food processing and handling, stored food warehouses, food service facilities, homes, horse barns, poultry houses and many other areas. Shockwave can be used indoors as a ULV and space spray, contact spray or a thermal fog to control more than 75 insects. Shockwave can also be used outdoors around structures.
Yield up to 30 gallons
Mixture|Application To be used with oil,(see product label)Shockwave Fogging Concentrate can be used in a sprayer, ulv fogger, or thermal/propane fogger. It can be applied diluted or undiluted depending on what pest you are treating for. One part to 29 parts, depending on
Shipping Restrictions CT, NY
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