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Suspend SC - gallon
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Suspend SC Pt. + 1 gallon Chapin Pump Garden Sprayer
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Suspend SC has an active ingredient that we really like for some of the odd invaders like stink bugs, cluster flies, and beetles. If you are interested in saving a good bit of money, you might look at D-Fense SC. It is the exact product made by my buddy Mark, at Control Solutions.

Product Information

Suspend SC

Active ingredient: Deltamethrin 4.75%

Suspend SC leaves a clear residual on surfaces that keeps on killing pests for up to 3 months. Micro encapsulated and odorless, Suspend SC has a wide label killing various pests. The micro-crystals in Suspend SC give it a long residual, and instead of being absorbed into porous materials, they stay on the surface. As a result, insects continue to contact them long after the insecticide has been applied. Suspend SC is a suspended-concentrated insecticide that leaves no visible residue, virtually no odor, and will not clog sprayers. Suspend SC with deltamethrin is a pyrethroid. Pyrethroids are synthetic versions of pyrethrins, the natural insecticide family that comes from chrysanthemums.

Suspend SC Yield and Uses

One pint of Suspend SC (16 oz) yields 11-22 gallons of finished product for average use. It may be used in spot or crack and crevice applications, indoor, and outside treatments. Suspend SC has a wide assortment of approved uses including indoor and outdoor, residential, industrial, and institutional applications. It is labeled for use in residential kitchens and food/feed establishments. It can be applied to landscape ornamentals and turfgrass outside.

Suspend SC Features

  • Suspend SC may be used in general pest control.
  • May be used as a residual spray and perimeter treatment in residential or non residential areas and will last 2-3 months.
  • Leaves no visible residue; will not stain.
Packaging Pint , Gallon , Pt + 1 Gallon Chapin Pump Garden Sprayer
Product Label Label
More PDF's N/A
Target Pest

Suspend SC may be used for the control of ants, fleas,centipedes, firebrats,gnats,bees,bedbugs, carpet beetles,cockroaches, crickets, flies, hornets,pillbugs,scorpions, spiders,yellow jackets,wasps, and carpenter ants.

Active Ingredient (s) Deltamethrin 4.75%
For Use : N/A
Yield Pt yields 11-22 gallons of finished product
Mixture|Application N/A
  • Apply as a coarse, low pressure spot or crack and crevice spray to areas that pests normally inhabit.
  • Pay particular attention to dark corners of rooms and closets; floor drains, cracks and crevices in walls; along and behind baseboards; beneath and behind sinks, stoves, and other utility installations;doors, windows, and attics and crawl spaces.
  • Let surfaces dry before allowing children or pets to contact surfaces.
  • Will not stain or cause damage to any painted or varnished surface, plastic, fabric when water applied alone causes no stain.
Retreatment 2-3 months
Shipping Restrictions CT and NY
A suggested alternative would be Fenvastar Cap
More Instructions

May be not be used as a spot or crack and crevice treatments in federally inspected meat and poultry plants in operation unless exposed food is covered or removed from area prior to treatment.

It is extremely toxic to fish. Do not apply directly to water or to areas where surface water is present or to inter tidal areas below the mean high water mark.

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