Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Stations

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Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Stations
Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Stations
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Trelona ATBS-Direct Bait Stations (16 x1 Baited Stations)

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
The really smart choice is to remove the active and replace it with the inspection cartridges. During your inspections if you find termites in the inspection cartridges replace it with the active. You will save a ton of money because chances are that most of your stations will never have termites. If you add 25 inspection cartridges to your order you will probably good for several years.

Product Information

Trelona ATBS-Direct Bait Stations (16 x1 Baited Stations)

We are out of stock on these stations. A recommended alternative, would be Advance Termite Bait System Trelona Kits

These are 16 Baited Stations with Novaluron. It will cover 240 linear feet when placed 15 feet apart

Spider tool (to open stations) is not included. You will need an Advance Spider Tool to open Advance Termite Bait Stations

Directions and Station Installation

  • It is important to continue the cycle of direct bait placements around the area to be treated for accurate treatment; interruption may allow termites may forage of possible entry points. Since termite baiting is a slower process, it may be advisable to use a non-repellent termiticide such as Taurus SC in areas where termties are active. Do not use a normal repellent termiticide/insecticide within 2 feet of bait stations with routine pesticide applications.
  • Place Advance Termite Bait Stations at or near the termite activity or suspected termite entry points. Once termite activity has begun in the station, the label advises supplemental stations in the immediate vicinity (up to 5ft) so that bait consumption can be maximized.
  • Excavate or form a hole in the ground about the same size and dimensions of the station.
  • If station is inserted in hard surfaces (concrete), insert station below the surface and secure.
  • Install within 5 ft of known, probable or suspected termite activity. Typical areas will include celluose debris such as mulch or wood scraps, shaded areas, areas containing plant root systems, bath traps, areas with visible termite tubes, etc.
  • The maximum installation of termite bait stations should not exceed 20 ft between bait stations, except where sufficient ground is not available. If the distance between 2 bait stations exceeds 30 ft, it may be advisable to form an opening in the surface to faciltate baiting between the two points.
  • Stations may be placed in crawl spaces. See the label for complete instructions.
  • See label for the schedule of inspections and complete directions.

Pre Construction and Post Construction Use

Except in the state of Florida, it may be used as a stand alone preventative termite treatment for new construction. Place stations after final exterior grading is done. It may also be used for post-construction use as a treatment of infested structures or preventative treatment in existing structures.

Packaging N/A
Product Label Trelona Bait Stations
More PDF's N/A
Target Pest Novaluron - 0.50%
Active Ingredient (s) N/A
For Use : For use in an ongoing program of management and control of subterranean termite colonies.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
Shipping Restrictions CT, NY.

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