Victor Roach Pheromone Traps Model 330

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Victor Roach  Pheromone Traps Model 330-1 set =2 traps
Victor Roach Pheromone Traps Model 330-1 set =2 traps
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Victor Roach  Pheromone Traps Model 330 (Case- 48 sets/96 traps)
Victor Roach Pheromone Traps Model 330 (Case- 48 sets/96 traps)
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Product Information

Victor Professional Roach Pheromone Trap (M330)

Victor Professional Roach Pheromone Trap (M330), is a useful tool for both monitoring and controlling German cockroaches in many sectors of the industry, including food service, transportation, and residential. Designed as an integral pest management (IPM) .The pheromone lures both sexes and all stages of the German cockroach species. And the trap is attractive to nymphs. In fact, in some situations a ration of six nymphs to every adult captured is not uncommon. The trap's slippery silicone sides make it virtually impossible for cockroaches to escape.

(Minimum Purchase Qty: 4 Sets, 8 traps)

Victor's Roach Pheromone Traps

Models 330 and M327 RPT Roach/Insect Pheromone Trap features:

  • Both models M330 and M327 have the same pheromone.

    These roach pheromone traps have twice the trapping power of leading competitive traps due to being pre-baited with Victors patented, well-known and highly effective roach pheromone attractant plus food scent.

    Pheromone is an organic compound secreted by some insects for various reasons. Roaches secrete an aggregation pheromone which is useful in marking paths to food & water sources

  • These roach pheromone traps contain no poisons and will not harm children or pets.
  • These pheromone traps are excellent monitoring devices as well, not just controlling. Will give you and accurate early warning as to the presence of German cockroaches.
  • Both models are pre-baited with pheromone and food scent to lure them in.
  • Both models will trap the smaller cockroaches called nymphs as well as any eggs the female would carry when she is trapped.

Differences between the M330 and M327 models:

Victor's Pheromone Trap Model M327
model M327

  • The M 327 has multiple access points, two catch areas, and patented roach pheromone attractant provide twice the trapping power and catch of the leading competitive monitors.
    Unique adhesive strip allows it to be mounted anywhere, on walls or under shelves.
    This roach/insect pheromone trap is quick and easy to assemble. It may be used as one large trap or separated into 2 smaller traps


Victor's Pheromone Trap Model M330
model M330

  • The M330 has been designed with 3 entry points, a silicone surface to prevent escapes and a low profile to fit into small, tight corners.
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