What is Brodifacoum?

Brodifacoum is one of the most widely used rodenticides. It is the key ingredient in products such as Final Blox and Final Pellets by Bell Labs and WeatherBlox XT by Syngenta.

Brodifacoum is used to control rats (including warfarin resistant rats), mice, and opossums (if the opossum eats a large enough quantity). Always use Brodifacoum as directed, typically with an EPA approved tamper resistant bait station, because it is highly toxic to humans, pets, and wildlife.

Where is Brodifacoum used?

Brodifacoum is used to control persistent rodent populations such as Norway rats, roof rats, mice, field rodents, opossums, and raccoons. It can be applied inside and outside of industrial buildings and homes, in alleys, port terminals, sewers, farmhouses, grain stores, factories, fields, and transport vehicles such as trains, ships, and aircraft. In most areas, a tamper resistant bait station is required by law to avoid accidental poisoning of humans and unintended species.

How does Brodifacoum work?

Brodifacoum is a second generation anticoagulant that works by preventing the clotting of blood by decreasing Vitamin K levels in the blood. The first anticoagulants were discovered as naturally occurring in moldy sweet clover hay in the 1940s. Related compounds were later synthesized by pharmaceutical companies to produce a range of second generation anticoagulants that are more potent. After ingestion, Brodifacoum absorbs into the liver and interferes with the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors. Eventually the blood ceases to clot and permeates the artery walls. The rodent dies of multiple causes related to blood loss. Vitamin K1 works as an antidote for accidental ingestion, and prolonged treatment is required because it has a long half life (up to several months). Brodifacoum eliminates rats in days and opossums in weeks.


How safe is Brodifacoum?

Always use Brodifacoum with a EPA approved tamper resistant bait station. Brodifacoum is highly toxic to humans, pets, and other wildlife including fish and birds. It should be handled carefully and as directed. Brodifacoum has a half life of 157 days, causing it to remain active for several months. Brodifacoum should be kept away from children and pets. Wear gloves during treatment, make sure to wash hands after handling the bait, and avoid all contact with the mouth. Do not allow the bait to contaminate food or water supplies. In case of accidental ingestion, call the Center for Poison Control and a doctor immediately. Prolonged treatment with antidotal Vitamin K1 is required for accidental poisonings of humans and pets.

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