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Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Black)-Singles
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Black)-Singles
  • Buy 2 for $16.50 each and save 9%
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Black)-Case of 6 Units
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Black)-Case of 6 Units
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Gray)-Singles
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Gray)-Singles
  • Buy 2 for $17.50 each and save 10%
  • Buy 6 for $13.93 each and save 29%
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Gray)-Case of 6 Units
Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station (Gray)-Case of 6 Units
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Product Information

Aegis RP Tamper Resistant Bait Station (Black and Gray)

The Aegis RP Bait Station is designed to open away from the wall, making it very quick to service. The design also encourages shy rats to enter, because they can see an exit.

Each station comes with three pre-drilled knock-out holes. Once opened, these holes allow you to attach it with a stake, anchor, and attach it to a paving stone or a fence (see video below). It also has four drainage holes to keep bait dry and palatable.


  • Singles -Base, and Lid (only one key per order). For example, if you order 2 single units, you will receive just one key. You can order extra keys: Aegis Rodent Bait Station Universal Keys.
  • Case: (6 base lid units, 3 universal keys, 18 vertical and 6 horizontal rods, 6 bait trays, 6 service cards, and an instruction sheet)

Benefits of Aegis RP Bait Stations

Easy To Open: Easy to open with the Universal Aegis key, it is quick to service. The design of the Aegis-RP Bait Station is strong with a mechanical hinge with a lid that opens away from the wall for quicker servicing.

Entices rodents into the station: This rodent bait station has a "see the exit before entry" design that provides ease for the rodents and increases the likelihood that they would enter the station.

Flexible and Versatile: Mount the Aegis-RP Bait Station vertically for water-prone areas or tight areas. It may hold bait, snap traps or glue boards.

Easy To Clean: This station has rounded interior sides for a quick cleaning solution.

Keep the bait dry: It has four fast-draining holes to keep bait fresh.

Variety of rods: It comes with vertical and horizontal rods. You can also use a SoftSecure Technology (SST) feeding device to keep the bait locked in place.

Location of Bait Stations

rodent signs1. Inspect for rodent activity by looking for their signs like droppings, tracks, gnaw marks, grease marks, urine stains or runways. Many times pets will sound the alarm when a rodent is nearby, becoming excited. Place bait stations near these active signs. If outside, place the bait stations closely to likely harborages like dense vegetation or infested buildings nearby.

2. Make sure all food sources are eliminated, since rodents feed on both human and pet foods. Enclose the exposed food.

3. rodent id chartIf possible, identify the rodentMice are smaller than rats, with smaller heads and feet.

Roof rats prefer upper levels like upstairs rooms and attics.Roof rats are good climbers, and are found mostly above ground

Norway rats are found in burrows and lower levels, like the basements. The mice will be on both levels.

4.Mice are curious rodents, but rats tend toward caution before entering a rodent bait station. For these cautious rats, place a small amount of food in and around the station, before placing out the bait. Once they start going in and out of the station, replace the real food with rodent bait or traps.

5.Continue to monitor the Aegis RP Bait Station and maintain a fresh rodent bait supply. In general, place rat bait placements about 15-30 feet apart and mice bait placement about 5-15 feet apart.  If you see a lot of activity in two or more consecutive stations, add more bait stations in between for increased performance. Roof rats tend to feed on smaller amounts in various placed bait stations, while the larger Norway rat feeds on larger amount of bait at fewer bait station placements.

6. If possible, limit the frequency of cleaning of the stations. Rodent scents are attractive to other rodents. So once one rodent has entered, other rodents are likely to follow. Since rodents have excellent tastes, be careful not to contaminate your hands with any scents such as nicotine or lotions. Use rubber gloves when handling the stations.

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Pet Safety When Using Rodenticides
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