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Apply  Beloukha Garden Herbicide on a sunny day. Do not spray desirable foliage (other turf, trees, shrubs, etc.) since it is a "non-selective" herbicide. Damage may incur.

Product Information

Beloukha Garden Herbicide- Organic Herbicide

Beloukha Garden Herbicide kills weeds naturally as a sunflower, bio-based contact herbicide. It will provide a burndown of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds. It will also work on most mosses and cryptogams.

How Beloukha Garden Herbicide Works

Belouka with Pelargonic Acid destroys the cell membrane of the plant epidermis, causing rapid tissue dehydration.

Belouka is fast-acting, with most effects visible within 2 hours of application. It works in any weather condition but works faster in hot and dry weather. The ideal concentration is between 5%-8% (6.5 oz to 10.5 oz of Belouka per gallon of water.

Beloukha Garden Herbicide Benefits

  • Fast-acting control from sunflowers.
  • Contact, non-selective, broad spectrum, foliar-applied herbicide
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Biodegradable
  • Provides burndown of both annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, grasses and
  • Visible effects on most weeds within hours of application
  • Versatile for use on turf, landscape, hardscape and ornamental areas

How To Use Belouka

  • For the control of annual weeds, mosses, and cryptogam, use a 3.5-5.75 solution mixture. Choose the lower end rate for young and actively growing weeds and the higher rate for weeds that are 6 inches in height or are flowering. For mosses, lichens, and other cryptogams on surfaces, use the higher rate.
  • For a burndown of perennial herbaceous plants, established weeds, and control of sucker growth, use a 5.75-8.0% solution. Also, choose the higher rate for perennial weeds at or past the flower stage or “hardened” weeds.
  • To reach a maximum vegetative burndown, edging, or foliar trimming, use a solution of 8.0-11.5%.
  • To maintain weed control and control underground growth and seedlings, repeat applications.

Rate Table

Desired Finished Volume (gallons)1%3.5%5.75%8%11.5%
1 gal1 1/3 oz4 2/3 oz7 2/3 oz10 2/3 oz15 1/3 oz
5 gals6 2/3oz23 1/31 1/4 qt1 2/3 qt1 2 1/2 qt

Instructions For Mixing Beloukha in a 4 gallon backpack sprayer

  1. Fill tank with 2 gallons of water
  2. Add 1 qt of Belouka
  3. Agitate and add remaining water to fill sprayer
  4. Agitate regularly during application
Packaging QT and Gallon
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Target Pest Actively growing weeds, grasses and broadleaves. Non-Selective weed killer will kill any undesired weed -
Active Ingredient (s) Pelargonic Acid..........51.98%
For Use : Turfgrass, Bedding plants, Foliage and flowering plants, Perennials, Shrubs and trees, Around buildings and structures, Greenhouse and interior, Non-crop industrial areas; dry aquatic sites; dry drainage areas.
Yield N/A
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